Advanta Business Card Offers 50% Bonus on Points Each Year

The Advanta Business World MasterCard® offers a 50% bonus on earned rewards points each year, which means you’ll earn a 1.5% cash rebate on all purchases or other great credit card rewards such as travel, gift cards, and merchandise.

The Advanta Business World MasterCard has no annual fee, and you’ll earn 1 point for each $1 in purchases made on this Advanta business card.

Each year, you’ll receive an annual points bonus of 50% of the number of points earned over the preceding 12 billing cycles, as long as you always pay at least the minimum monthly payment due on time and your account is in good standing.

There is no limit to the number of points that can be earned, and points never expire.

Redeem Points for Cash

Your Advanta rewards points can be redeemed for cash rewards in the form of $50 checks.

A $50 check redemption requires 5,000 points, which means you’ll earn a 1.5% cash rebate on your purchases with the 50% yearly bonus on your points.

You can also redeem points for merchandise, gift cards, and travel with free round-trip airline tickets starting at 25,000 points with no seat restrictions or blackout dates.

The Advanta Business World MasterCard has no annual fees and no pre-set spending limit to provide your business with the funding you need.

It’s important to understand that you don’t have to be a big business owner to apply for Business Credit Cards, as sole proprietors, start-ups, home business owners, and anyone else can also be approved for this credit card. Your personal name can be used for your business name, and only your social security number is required on the application.

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The Advanta Business World MasterCard is an excellent option to earn rewards for all of your purchases, plus get a 50% bonus on your points earned each year.

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