Alternative Affiliate Networks for Website Publishers

These alternative affiliate networks offer online marketing opportunities for website publishers to increase your affiliate advertising revenue.

Take advantage of these affiliate advertising networks and online marketing networks to increase your website or blog revenue.

These advertising networks can help you monetize your website or blog with a variety of online advertising solutions.

It’s free to join these marketing networks for publishers, and you’ll gain access to a variety of product advertising categories from financial products and Internet services to consumer electronics and apparel.

Check out this list of affiliate marketing networks for new Internet marketing solutions.

24/7 Real Media

24/7 Real Media is an affiliate network that helps publishers ensure that only the highest-performing advertisers are delivered to your website with a variety of advertiser management tools designed to maximizing your revenue.


7Search offers pay-per-click advertising opportunities for web publishers including sponsored search boxes, pay-per-text ads, AccessoryAds, and advertiser referrals.

Accelerator Media

Accelerator Media is an affiliate network that features predictive ad serving technology to help maximizing your online revenue.


The AdBrite affiliate network provides publishers with customized advertisements to match your website with support for text ads, in-line ads, banners, BritePic ads, and full page advertisements, plus AdBrite works alongside other ad programs.


The AdDynamix online marketing network helps publishers maximizing advertising revenue with a variety of Internet advertising opportunities.


AdEngage helps publishers sell online advertisers through a variety of text ad formats and marketing campaigns.


AdMob is a mobile advertising network that helps mobile website publishers monetize your mobile traffic with a high-performance network of popular advertisers.

AdOn Network

AdOn Network offers publishing opportunities for website and blog owners via multiple forms of display advertising and paid search listings.


BannerConnect specialized in online display advertising with competitive rates, flexible commission payments, and website and revenue optimization services for publishers.


The BidVertiser affiliate network provides publishers with affiliate marketing advertisements to place on websites that are similar to Google AdSense ads with a pay per click commission system, where advertisers bid for placements on your website or blog.

The BidVertiser Referral Program also allows you to earn referral bonuses for referring new publishers and advertisers to the BidVertiser network.


BlogAds is a blog marketing network that brings top advertisers together with premier blogs to promote their brands and products. BlogAds only works with the best bloggers in the world, and they are not actively seeking new blog publishers. However, if your blog is exceptionally popular or important, you may wish to seek blog advertising opportunities at BlogAds.


BrightRoll is a video ad network that offers online marketing solutions for publishers that want to promote products and services via video advertising content.

Burst Media

Burst Media helps website marketing maximizing your online revenue via CPM marketing campaigns and performance advertising solutions.


The Chitika network helps you earn cash from search engine traffic in a variety of advertising categories including finance, autos, health and wellness, travel, apparel, sports and outdoors, electronics, family, and much more. Chitika advertisements can be integrated with AdSense or used as an AdSense alternative.

CPX Interactive

The CPX Interactive affiliate marketing network provides a variety of ad formats for publishers including in-page display, Flash, rich media, video pre-roll, and text ad units with strategic tools to help you maximize your advertising revenue.

FederatedMedia is a media publishing network that is built on conversational media tactics for grass roots marketing campaigns. Join FederatedMedia as an author to publish advertising campaigns on your website.

Genie Knows Media

Genie Knows Media helps website publishers monetize your traffic with contextual ads, paid listings, and targeted search feeds including fully customizable ads to match your website.


IndustryBrains is an advertising network that helps website publishers leverage online content to generate additional revenue from contextually targeted advertisements.


Kanoodle helps publishers earn additional revenue for visitors that come to your site and search for products and services, allowing you to earn commissions on a pay-per-click bases when visitors click on advertisements that are placed within your search results.


The Kontera affiliate network delivers relevant advertisements to your website or blog with in-text advertising units that are non-intrusive and only activate when users engage with them.


LinkWorth is an affiliate marketing network that offers a variety of online advertising solutions for website publishers and bloggers. LinkWorth allows you to earn advertising revenue through text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay-per-click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submissions, directory submissions, and much more.


The LookSmart affiliate program offers publishers access to a variety of advertising solutions including ad serving, hosting, sales management, advertiser management, traffic distribution, and much more.


The Marchex online marketing network for publishers is a private-label, performance advertising platform that enables premium publishers to more effectively monetize your websites. Unlike typical solutions, Marchex Adhere gives publishers total control over your inventory, including the look and feel of ads, and the minimum bid prices.


MarketLeverage is an affiliate marketing program that offers publishers access to top-performing advertisers to help monetize your website traffic, plus MarketLeverage provides an affiliate network rewards program to increase your earnings as well as an affiliate referral program to earn additional commissions for referring new publishers to MarketLeverage.


MaxBounty helps publishers earn revenue from advertisers via in-house managed campaigns as well as direct relationships with advertisers. MaxBounty offers direct merchant communication, international payments in local currencies, marketing campaign sub-tracking capabilities, and other online marketing solutions for affiliates.


MediaWhiz provides online publisher solutions for affiliate marketing, email marketing, display marketing, and lead generations campaigns.


Miva is an affiliate network that offers online marketing solutions to both publishers and advertisers.

The Miva affiliate network provides publishers with pay-per-click marketing campaigns with simply XML feed integration.


PayPerPost pays you for blogging and advertising on your blog.

PayPerPost allows you to get paid for writing about websites, products, companies, and services to earn cash for providing feedback to advertisers as well as exposure for advertisers.


The PayPopUp ad network provides webmasters with a wide range of advertising media including banners, layer ads, and pop-under advertisements to host on your website to earn additional marketing revenue.


Pheedo offers RSS advertising solutions to turn your RSS feed traffic into money, plus Pheedo works alongside Feedburner and is easy to implement.


The ReachLocal advertising network helps website publishers make advertising connections with local advertisers, whether you have search, display, directory, or other digital advertising inventory available.


The RevenueGateway affiliate marketing network provides web publishers with a variety of affiliate advertising solutions. is a discount shopping network where you can search for any type of product and compare the best prices from a variety of merchants.

The affiliate network offers websites and bloggers the opportunity to promote the entire network of merchants and products using easy-to-install affiliate marketing widgets with additional API access available to content and product images for the entire inventory.

Superpages LocalServe

Superpages is a local search online yellow pages services.

The Superpages LocalServe affiliate program provides website publishers with a search tool that allows your visitors to enter a business name or keyword in combination with a location. The search results are returned to a page on your website that contain Superpages advertisers as well as free listings, and you get paid when someone clicks on Superpages pay per click advertisers.

Tribal Fusion

The Tribal Fusion affiliate marketing program provides publishers with free proprietary ad serving solutions and high-performing advertising campaigns to help maximizing your website advertising revenue.


The ValueClick affiliate network is one of the world’s largest online marketing networks that offers advertising solutions for website publishers.

ValueClick Media

ValueClick Media is a division of ValueClick that provides a variety of publisher solutions to help maximizing revenue from all standard in-page and out-of-page formats, rich media, video, e-mail lists, and registration paths.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media purchases contextual advertising campaigns on your website or blog with in-text content placements that are easy to implement.


Zanox is a global affiliate network for performance-based online marketing with a variety of advertising opportunities available worldwide.


ZEDO is an ad server for publishers that offers several online marketing solutions including a self-service advertising system, multiple ad network optimization, and retargeting advertisers.

Take advantage of these alternative affiliate networks to maximizing your website or blog revenue through a variety of affiliate marketing opportunities.

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Join these alternative affiliate networks to find new opportunities for earning website revenue with a variety of online marketing solutions.

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