Apple In-App Purchase Settlement Offers $5 iTunes Store Credit

If your iTunes account was charged for an in-app purchase made by a minor in a game app without your knowledge or permission, you could be entitled to benefits under a class action settlement.

You can now file an online claim form for the Apple In-App Purchase Litigation Settlement to receive a $5 iTunes Store credit or more.

The settlement is in regards to in-app purchases of game currency in certain qualified apps charged by minors to an iTunes account without the account holder’s knowledge or permission.

Qualified Apps consist of all apps from the App Store in the games category with an age rating of 4+, 9+, or 12+ that offer in-app purchases of consumable game currency.

To be eligible for an iTunes Store Credit, or in some cases, a cash refund, you must:

1. Have paid for Qualified Game Currency Charges that a minor charged to your iTunes account without your knowledge or permission.

2. Not have knowingly entered your iTunes password to authorize any such purchases or given your password to the minor to make any such purchases.

3. Not have received a refund from Apple for those charges.

You may choose between a single $5 iTunes Store credit or a credit equal to the total amount of Game Currency that a minor charged to your iTunes account without your knowledge or permission within a single 45-day period, less any refund you previously received.

Check out the Apple In-App Purchase Settlement Site for more details and to file your claim online today.

The deadline to submit a claim is January 13, 2014.

You may have received a claim in the mail or by email in regards to this settlement, but even if you didn’t, you can still file your claim online if you feel that you have been affected.

If you don’t qualify for this settlement, check out how to find more Class Action Settlement Cases for which you may be qualified.

File your online claim form for the Apple In-App Purchase Settlement today.

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