Bank Freedom FREE Prepaid Card with Guaranteed Approval

The Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard is a virtually free prepaid card with very low fees for consumers with a poor credit history.

The Bank Freedom prepaid card has no activation fees, no signature purchase fees, and free online account access, and there are no monthly service fees if you setup a direct deposit to your prepaid credit card of at least $500 per month.

The Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard® has no credit checks, no employment checks, and no bank checks, so anyone with a poor credit history or no credit history can be automatically approved, as no bank account or employment is required.

Prepaid Credit Cards can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted, as this Bank Freedom card carries the MasterCard logo, and it can be used for online purchases, phone purchases, car rentals, and other types of credit card purchases.

Prepaid cards must be preloaded with funds, unlike standard credit cards that extend you a line of credit, but the great thing about the Bank Freedom prepaid card is that you can setup an automatic direct deposit to your prepaid card, and if your direct deposit is $500 or more per month, the monthly fee will be waived.

You can also load your prepaid card at retailers everywhere through a service known as MoneyPak. Bank Freedom does not charge for this option, but MoneyPak retailers may charge up to $4.95 per load, so it’s best if you can set up a free direct deposit to your prepaid card.

If you don’t setup a direct deposit, there is a $4.95 monthly service fee, and although signature purchase transactions are free, there is a $0.50 fee for PIN debit transactions.

The Bank Freedom prepaid card provides many optional features such as online bill pay, paper check bill pay, and free card to card money sharing.

The Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard® offers 100% guaranteed approval, and you can order your prepaid card for free in just minutes, making this free prepaid credit card an excellent credit card for bad credit consumers.

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