Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate networks bring together advertisers and publishers who want to expand their online marketing campaigns.

These are some of the best affiliate marketing networks in the affiliate marketing industry.

This list of affiliate networks includes trustworthy affiliate advertising networks that offer Internet marketing options for both online advertisers and affiliate publishers.

These affiliate networks are perfect for merchants or advertisers who want to increase the sales of their products, services, or websites through affiliate marketing.

These affiliate marketing networks are also ideal for website publishers who want to monetize their websites with affiliate marketing campaigns by promoting a variety of products.

Join these affiliate networks to participate in online affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

This list includes some of the top affiliate networks.

AdsMarket is a global performance based media company with contextual targeting technologies that generate high-conversion rates for advertisers and publishers.

Advaliant provides online advertisers and publishers with high-performing customer acquisition, traffic, and transactional programs that maximize ROI.

Affiliatebot offers top-notch tracking and reporting capabilities for merchants and publishers with additional resources for monetizing blogs. is a performance-based affiliate network with excellent CPA offers for affiliates and high-converting publishers for advertisers.

Affiliate Fuel offers high-qualify affiliate advertising for advertisers and online publishers.

Affiliate Future is an international affiliate network that helps publishers earn more revenue from website marketing.

Affiliate Window offers high-performance affiliate marketing campaigns.

Axill is one of the fastest growing publisher networks with complete online advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers.

AzoogleAds offers online marketing solutions for publishers and advertisers that also allow you to monetize your social applications. is a Canadian affiliate network that is ideal for affiliate marketing campaigns in Canada.

ClickBank is an online retail outlet for 10,000 digital product vendors and 100,000 active affiliates.

ClickBooth is an exclusive CPA network with affiliate campaigns for publishers and affiliate distribution for advertisers.

clickXchange offers a variety of commission types and advertiser tools to help publishers maximize commission streams, plus they offer many services to help advertisers to create an affiliate program.

ClixGalore is an affiliate network with affiliate marketing opportunities for publishers and advertisers.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction

Commission Junction ( is a huge affiliate network with a wide variety of affiliate products for publishers and advanced online marketing services for advertisers.

CommissionSoup offers a variety of affiliate programs including many financial affiliate programs with high-performance marketing tools for publishers and advertisers.

Convert2Media provides online marketing tools that help publishers and advertisers increase their affiliate marketing campaigns.

COPEAC is an interactive affiliate network that provides superior results with a personal touch.

DirectLeads is a leading provider of performance-based interactive marketing services.

FluxAds offers affiliate marketing solutions for online advertisers and website publishers.

FriendFinder is an affiliate network for the FriendFinder personals network for fun, friends, and love.

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network

The Google Affiliate Network connects advertisers and publishers who want to increase sales and drive leads through affiliate marketing.

The Hydra Network is a CPA advertising network with solutions for publishers and advertisers who want to achieve mass online reach. offers a variety of top-rated credit card and financial affiliate programs with online marketing solutions for website publishers and affiliate advertisers. (VayanPays)

The VayanPays affiliate network offers creative marketing campaigns for affiliate publishers and advertisers.

Instant Dollarz Media specializes in targeted media solutions for advertisers, web publishers, and consumers.

IronOffers provides affiliate marketing results through online advertising relationships between publishers and advertisers.

LeaderMarkets offers top-performing affiliate campaigns for publishers and advertisers. is the highest paying Pay Per Lead affiliate program online.

LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network that helps merchants and affiliate publishers increase online sales and revenue.

LinkShare is an extensive affiliate network with a wide variety of advertisers in many different categories and high-performing publishers.

LogicalMedia offers a wide variety of high-performance offers for publishers and high-quality online campaigns for advertisers with a great selection of freebies and trial offers to promote. is a health and beauty affiliate network with solutions for health website publishers and health product providers.

MarketLeverage provides publishers access to hundreds of leading online advertisers with plenty of marketing tools available for both publishers and advertisers.

MaxBounty provides merchants with a solid affiliate marketing campaign through a network of high-performance affiliate publishers.

MoreNiche offers a variety of affiliate marketing options for advertisers and online publishers.

MotiveInteractive is a premium CPA network with online marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers. (Nationwide Card Services) offers top payouts and industry-leading customer service for publishers and advertisers.

OfferWeb offers online advertising solutions for web publishers and online advertisers. in an international affiliate network serving multiple countries with a wide range of affiliate offers for publishers and Internet marketing solutions for advertisers.

Panthera Network is a leading global affiliate performance network for publishers and advertisers.

PepperJamNetwork is a leading affiliate network with high-performance affiliate tools for advertisers and publishers.

PrimaryAds is a leading CPA affiliate network with solutions for affiliates and merchants.



ReadySite is a unique affiliate marketing tool for publishers that is perfect for sites that promote freebies, free trial offers, surveys, and more fun giveaways, plus ReadySite is the perfect affiliate network for advertisers that want to increase their online marketing campaigns.

RevenueLoop is a completely transparent affiliate network where the publishers know exactly what advertisers pay to the network. The publishers receive 100% of the advertiser payment minus a small fee, plus RevenueLoop offers online campaign management solutions for advertisers.

Rextopia offers top affiliate marketing offers for publishers and online advertising solutions for advertisers.

ROI Rocket is a unique pay-per-action network that connects top advertisers with high-performance publishers. is a leading affiliate network with advanced marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers who want to expand their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Share Results offers online marketing strategies for publishers and advertisers to increase Internet sales.

TradeDoubler is an international performance-based digital marketing company with affiliate marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers around the world.

Triad Media is a performance-based network with thousands of affiliates and advertisers available for affiliate marketing online.

WebGains offers online marketing results for affiliate publishers and merchant advertisers. is a leading provider of online affiliate marketing solutions through a high-performance affiliate marketing network.

YourClick helps publishers sell and promote an unlimited number of products with solutions for advertisers and publishers to promote P2P products including music, movies, games, Wii, PSP, Zune, and more. offers search engine marketing and global advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers.

Join these affiliate networks as a publishers to monetize your website by promoting affiliate products, or sign up for these affiliate networks as an advertiser to increase your web presence and enhance your Internet sales.

Once you join an affiliate network, make sure you promote these Top-Performing Affiliate Marketing Products to increase your online sales with popular affiliate marketing products.

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