Chase Business Checking Account $200 Banking Bonus

Chase Bank is offering a $200 new business checking account bonus with a deposit of $5,000 or more, valid through July 10, 2012.

Just open a new Chase business checking account at your local Chase Bank branch and deposit $5,000 or more to earn this $200 promotional reward.

Visit this Chase $200 Coupon Code Page to request your business coupon code via email directly from Chase Bank.

You can also apply for a Chase Small Business Bonus Card to earn extra rewards cash.

Chase Business Checking Promotional Details

To qualify for this offer, you must open a Chase BusinessSelect Checking account and deposit a minimum of $5,000 or more into your new business checking account within 30 days of account opening with funds not currently on deposit with Chase or any of its affiliates.

There is a limit of 1 business checking account-related bonus/premium per customer per calendar year.

This offer is not available to existing Chase Business checking customers, on account conversions, or in combination with any other offer, and it is non-transferable.

Your checking account must remain open for a minimum of 6 months, or the bonus amount will be debited from the account at closing.

Employees of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and their affiliates are not eligible.

The bonus will be deposited automatically into your new checking account within 10 business days after the minimum deposit requirement is met.

It’s important to note that the Chase BusinessSelect Checking account does have monthly service fees, but you can avoid those fees if you do 1 of the following: maintain an average daily balance of $7,500 or more, keep a minimum daily balance of $5,000 or more, maintain a linked qualifying Chase personal checking account, make $1,000 in purchases in your linked Chase business credit card during the monthly checking statement cycle, or when you pay $50 or more in qualifying checking account fees (not including the monthly service fee).

Review these current Chase Bank Promotions for more personal checking, business checking, and credit card cash bonuses from Chase.

Sign up for your Chase business checking account today to earn $200 in free cash rewards from Chase Bank.


  1. Betty Buehrle says

    Hi, My chase banker told me to go on google- Chase business coupon for a $100.00 coupon to start up a new small business account. Where is it? Or has it expired? Please let me know. Thank you!

  2. Rashad Cave says

    Hi, My chase banker told me to go on google- Chase business coupon for a $200.00 coupon to start up a new small business account. Where is it cause the link on the site will not allow me to print out the coupon. Please let me know. Thank you!

  3. Andrew Kirwin says

    Hi- I have been unable to print out the $200 coupon as the link says the page I requested “has either moved or no longer exists.” I have gone ahead and opened the business account and would like to receive the coupon. Thank you.

  4. Chris Gaizat says

    I was told to come here too to recieve the $200, but it “has either moved or no longer exists.” What is going on?

  5. says

    Hello Rashad/Andrew/Chris,

    This Chase business banking bonus for $200 is now expired, and it seems that Chase actually pulled the promotional link a couple of days early.

    Chase does come out with new business account bonuses frequently, so we will be watching for new promotions and will update this article accordingly when a new bonus is available.

    Sorry you missed it this time, but check back soon for new offers.

    Thanks, Max

  6. Lindsay Owens says

    Hi – I was just informed by my banker that this promotion has been extended. I to am not able to print this coupon. I honestly feel I was duped in order to add an additional account to this branch and am considering moving all my account from Chase all together.


  7. Betty Chen says

    Hi, my banker told me I can find a $200 coupon code online, I have found the link. Unfornately the link says the page unable to open. Is it Chase page error or the coupon not exist any more. Thanks

  8. patricia rust says

    i am needing 2 coupons to open a chase personal banking account could you please email me the coupons or codes.

  9. Julie Clark says

    Please send me a coupon with a code. I just opened a new business checking account. My banker, Gulshon Kerr told me to call back with the code and I would receive $200.
    Thank you,
    Julie Clark, VP Kond Land and Water Escapes

  10. MOHAMAD i RAZZAK says

    I already open business and money market account and been told to ask for $200.00 coupon , so please send my coupon, thank you.

  11. Anthony Cesario says

    Please send a coupon for our bussiness for $200 so we can become great with Chase banking. We also have discounts in coupons to send to any Chase customers at your request lets work together Thank You TC

  12. sarah says

    Hello. I see the promotion for the $200 cash bonus for opening a business account w/ chase has been extended. If at all possible, could you please send me 3 promotional codes for myself and 2 business associates. whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated.

  13. gerald kacak says

    i have not been able to get a good page for the $200 coupon that ends on the 30th of january. i have tried everything.
    please send me one by email if you have one so i can take it in to my banker.

  14. grace says

    I was told to come here too to recieve the $200 for opending new business account. Could you send me the coupon code by email? I saw the coupon page has been removed. Thanks

  15. Brian Woods says

    Could you please email me a code or coupon for the $200 cash bonus from Chase for opening a new business account. Thanks.

  16. Julie says

    another cusotmer of Chase told me she found a $200 chase business coupon online last week, yet I can’t seem to find it, any recommendations?

  17. Julie says

    i see others have requested that the coupon code be emailed, is this possible? If yes would you email me one. Thanks

  18. Letty says

    Just opened up a bussiness account. Guess you’re the man to provide us all with the “expired, but still promotional” advertisement from the bankers at Chase. Send me the $200.00 chase business coupon. Thank you.

  19. Nancy says

    I opened the business account last week and cannot find the code anywhere. My banker will honor it if I can get a valid code. will you please e-mail a code?? Thank you so much in advance!!

  20. Reese Eppars says

    Hello. I opened up a Chase Business Checking account and my Banker told me to come her to receive a coupon for $200.00, however I am unable to open the page and get the coupon code. Please email me or mail me a valid code so my Banker will honor it.

    Best Regards,
    Reese Eppars.

  21. Joan Crowder says

    Opened up a Business account with Chase./IN . But now I can’t download the coupon or open the page. Please help. I just did all this today. Thank you for any help.

  22. Former Chase Banker says

    I was a former Chase banker and I referred many people to this site to get their $200 coupons. I helped many people get their account started this way. I also helped Chase get more accounts. Instead of being appreciated, I was punished and fined. Chase HR said that they dont want these coupons promoted and we should not tell anyone about it. They want people to somehow find it on their own. I left Chase. I couldnt deal with the nonsense. They dont care about their customers.

  23. Vannareth Leng says

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I just opened business account in CHASE BANK on 05/01/10.So I request for $200 coupon code please .

  24. Sergei says

    Hi, My chase banker told me to go on google- Chase business coupon for a $100.00 coupon to start up a new small business account with deposit of $500. Where is it? Or has it expired? Please let me know. Thank you!

  25. Ana says

    Soy una muchacha con un pequeno negocio propio y necesito una cuenta bancaria para poder movilizar todos mis ingresos y egresos y como todo costumer quiero un BONO de 200 para mi negocio. Muchas Gracias

  26. Ofelia says

    I just recently opened an account with chase….I was advised to get the code of the internet… please sent me the code….


  27. Rick says

    I opened a Chase business checking account in January of this year and I received my $200 bonus. My understanding is that the checking account would need to remain open for a minimum period of time or I would have to forfeit the $200 bonus. I can’t find the complete terms of the original offer. Can someone tell me what that minimum term is?

  28. says

    Hello Rick,

    I can’t speak of the specific offer that you may have applied for, as you may have received a code via the mail, through your online Chase account, or online somewhere else, and the terms may vary slightly between offers, but I have copied and pasted the terms below from the $200 Chase business checking bonus that we had available online around January 2010.

    “Offer valid when opening a new Chase BusinessClassic Checking, BusinessClassic Checking with Interest, Advanced Business Checking, Advanced Business Checking with Interest, Commercial Checking, Commercial Checking with Interest account, or Chase BusinessPlus Extra Checking account. Accounts are subject to account opening approval (interest bearing accounts are only available to sole proprietorships, non-profit, and government entities). A $500 minimum deposit is required into your new business checking account within 30 days of account opening. Initial deposit must be made with funds not held with Chase or its affiliates. Limit one business checking account related award/premium per customer, per calendar year. Offer not available on account conversions or in combination with any other offer. Cash bonus will be automatically deposited into your new Chase business checking account within 10 business days upon confirmation of the deposit requirement. Cash premium does not count towards the deposit requirement. Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.”

    These terms do not specifically state the amount of time that the account must remain open in order to avoid forfeiting the $200 bonus, but I have seen other Chase bonuses in the past that have indicated the account must remain open for at least 6 months.

    I would say generally that you should keep the account open for a minimum of 6 months just to be safe, but as I said, the terms between offers may vary and I cannot speak of the specific bonus code offer that you used when applying for your account.

    It could also be the case that if no mention of this specific issue is made within the terms, then there is no minimum time period required, but I also can’t say this with any certainty, although it seems to me that if they don’t mention this within the terms, then they don’t have the right to take any actions in regards to it.

    You could attempt to contact Chase for further information on this subject in regards to your account, but it may not be a good idea to make them aware of your specific situation and that you want to close your account and keep the bonus, although you have every right to do so. However, this would be one way to find out for certain.

    I hope this is helpful, but it’s hard for me to say anything specific otherwise.

    Good luck to you, Max

  29. Trudy says

    After reviewing the comments of the other people, I believe that Chase is still telling people that the coupons exist. I myself, opened a business account with them, because I am a new start-up and needed the $200. for my business. However, every coupon I submit to my rep. at Chase he says it is expired or not good. I think they are full of talk and no show right now, per the coupon issue of $200.00

  30. oclaver says

    Yes, yes!!I need a coupon for Chase Business acct too, btw, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help

  31. erick says

    i’m about to open a new business account with chase
    please send me the $200 coupon code! thanks!

  32. Amanda says

    Hi Everyone!
    I also opened a chase Business account and the teller told me to call her with the code and she will give me the 200.00 credit! Guess I should have done my homework. If you have an extra code or anyone figures it out can you email me, please?! I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks :) (SKIP CHASE!!!) :):) just kidding :) (kinda) :) :):) Thanks :)

  33. mohammed karim says

    I had a coupon to open a business account but I lost itcan you resend it please ,thank you for your cooperation.

  34. Ivy Leung says

    I recently opened a new business account with Chase, I failed to get a code. please send me $200 coupon or a code.

  35. Raj says


    I need to open a new Business Account – can you please send me the $200 coupon. I really appreciate your help.

    Thanks in Advance.

  36. Diane Do says

    Please send me $200 Chase coupon code for the business account I just opened today 10/13/2010. My account manager informed me that the promotion is still valid.


  37. Magic and More says

    Please send us the link or code needed to receive the $200 bonus for opening a new business account at Chase.
    Thank you

  38. baldev k.bhatia says

    please send me the link or code needed to receive the $200 bonus for opening a new business account at chase.thanks

  39. thelma rosenberg says

    would appreciate you sending me a $200 coupon to be used in opening a business account with a $500.00 deposit

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