Chase Flexible Rewards Program $25 Gift Cards for Only 2,000 Points

The Chase Flexible Rewards program is offering $25 gift cards for only 2,000 points from Bennigan’s and Shell, valid when you redeem your Flexible Rewards points from June 1 to June 30, 2008.

Chase Flexible Rewards members can also earn 7 points per $1 at and 3 points per $1 at, and these Flexible Rewards bonus points can be earned from May 1 to June 30, 2008.

The Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa Card is an excellent free rewards credit card that offers you the opportunity to earn cash back, gift cards, travel rewards, and brand-name merchandise.

If you are currently participating in the Flexible Rewards program and have more than 2,000 points, take advantage of this opportunity to redeem 2,000 points for a $25 gift card for Shell gas stations or Bennigan’s restaurants, if a Shell or Bennigan’s is located near you.

That’s a savings of 1,000 points, as it usually takes 3,000 points to receive a $25 gift card from any merchant.

A $50 gift card normally requires 5,000 points, and a $100 gift card requires 10,000 points, so if you have 10,000 points saved, you can earn an additional $25 bonus gift card for a total of $125 in rewards per 10,000 points, but only at Shell or Bennigan’s.

Chase Rewards Plus Shopping Bonuses offer you the opportunity to earn bonus points for your purchases, and plenty of merchants offer special promotions, including the 7 points per $1 at and 3 points per $1 at

If you are already a Flexible Rewards member, login at to start shopping for bonus points.

To redeem 2,000 points for a $25 gift certificate from Shell or Bennigan’s, login to to redeem your cash rewards.

Take advantage of these Flexible Reward promotional offers and other bonus point opportunities available from the Chase Flexible Rewards program.

Apply for the Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa Card with no annual fee to earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on the card and start earning cash rewards today through the Flexible Rewards card program.


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    Hello mary squitieri,

    I want to make it clear that is not associated with Chase bank or the Flexible Rewards program in any way. exists to provide information on financial offers and bonuses that are available to the general public, and we never receive money or anything directly from our readers, so it does not make sense for us to try to scam our readers or provide misinformation.

    As indicated in our article and subsequent comments, you must login or register at to redeem your Chase Flexible Rewards points, or if you already have an online Chase credit card account, you can access your points through that account as well.

    If you don’t have access to a computer, there are other ways of redeeming your rewards, but the fact that we did not provide that information does not mean that we were trying to scam you or prevent you from receiving your rewards.

    We simply assume that most people who visit our website do have access to a computer and prefer to take advantage of offers online, but when alternative paths are available, we also try to provide that information as well.

    You may also redeem your Chase rewards by phone at 1-800-603-2265, the Chase Reward Headquarters, but there could be a service fee of up to $25 for using this service for point redemption, charged at Chase’s discretion, while redeeming points online is free.

    I apologize if you have missed out on this specific offer, but the Chase Flexible Rewards program does have many new promotions available often, so you’ll certainly be able to take advantage of future offers.

    I’m also sorry if you feel that we failed to provide you with enough information, but it was definitely not done with any intent on scamming people or preventing them from receiving their rewards.

    Thank you, and I hope you’ll continue to visit


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    Hello Margaret Manville,

    I apologize for the delay in your email notification.

    Our email feeds are sent through FeedBurner, so I’m not sure if there was an issue on their end or not, but it seems to be working fine now.

    If you have any future issues, please feel free to write us directly at, and we will look into it.

    Thank you for joining our email list and for reading, sorry that you were informed too late to take advantage of this particular offer.


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    Hello arlene burnon,

    When you visit the page, you can either login to your account using your current Chase online account login info, or get a new user ID by clicking the Go link in the upper left corner.

    Once you are logged into your account, the Redeem Rewards link is in the upper right-side corner.

    You can also redeem your rewards by phone at 1-800-603-2265 if you’re having a problem with the online interface.

    Hope that helps. Please understand that we are not associated with Chase bank, so I’m not able to provide you with specific account assistance.

    Thank you, Max

  4. says

    Hello Angela Benedek,

    The Chase Flexible Rewards promotion in this article was for a $25 gift card to Shell or Bennigan’s, which has expired, so I’m not sure where I promised you would receive a $25 check. Maybe you’re referring to another Chase promotion, but I’m not sure.

    As previously indicated, I have absolutely no connection to the Chase Flexible Rewards program, and I don’t offer rewards as a tie-in with Chase, I’m just providing information about Chase’s rewards program.

    Think of as a news source about financial promotions from various companies. I simply write about these promotions, but I have no control over them, and I don’t have access to their customers’ personal information.

    I’m not suggesting that there is a $25 fee in order to encourage people to apply through my website or for any other manipulative reason. I’m simply stating the fact that redeeming your Chase Flexible Rewards by phone may require a fee of up to $25, based on Chase’s discretion. This is just a fact of their program, which is listed in the terms and conditions, and I thought readers would be interested in knowing that information before they redeem their points by phone, so that the fee would not be a surprise to them.

    I also had no idea that you have 4,913 points, and I’m not sure why you would imply that I have access to that information.

    I’m really not sure what you are referring to by implying that I’m not giving a complete picture, because I’m doing my best to give all of the available information, but if you have questions about your specific points or want to redeem your points, then you should contact Chase or follow the instructions in the article on how to redeem your points.

    The only assistance I can offer is information, so if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, but I’m not associated with the Chase Flexible Rewards program, so I am unable to directly assist you with redeeming your points.

    I hope you’ll understand, thank you. Max

  5. Ann says

    Received a mailing that said I have 2993 points. It also said I could get $25 either in check for 2000 points or a $25 credit to my account. Is this true? How do I do that? I have been on several of your websites and Do not see how to do that. Help!

  6. says

    i am trying to redeem my rewards and i forgot my password. i can’t access the page to change it. i emailed earlier today and you said you would send my password and i haven’t received it yet. my user is jo75myrl78

  7. ARDATH says

    I received in the mail a brochure that stated
    as of Jan. 28, 2009, I had a reward balance
    of XXX amount of cash. How do I receive this
    check – – do I have to notify the credit card
    company, but they are the ones that sent it ???
    I don’t understand why they don’t just send it ??

  8. cheri bacon says

    Like the aforementioned customers, my computer won’t connect to the site to redeem the $25
    certificate or statement credit.

    Any suggestions?

  9. Jacqueline Glover says

    I have my ID code but I need my password. I can not receive text messages but would like the password e-mailed to me.

  10. Mary L. Gage says

    October 28th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    I would like to redeem my Chase Flexible Rewards points. How do I do this? Please answer back before October 30th for 141 points expire on after November, 2009. Thank You, Mary

  11. James Barber III says

    I am trying to redeem points(4,000)for two $25 Shell Cards using the Chase Flexible Rewards Plan where each $25 card costs only 2,000 instead of 3,000. I am having much difficulty.Also,I used my card on Tuesday 3/22/11 for a $1,000+ purchase and received no points? Why am I having so much trouble? Thank you

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