Chase Ultimate Rewards Ending for Debit Cards after July 19, 2011

The Chase Ultimate Rewards program will end for debit cards after July 19, 2011.

Due to a new law enacted by congress known as the Durbin Amendment that significantly impacts debit cards, Chase is closing the Ultimate Rewards program for debit cards.

After July 19, 2011, you will no longer earn points with Ultimate Rewards on the purchases that you make with your Chase debit card.

However, Chase Freedom, Sapphire, and Ink credit card members will still be able to participate in Ultimate Rewards.

How Does Ultimate Rewards Closing Affect Debit Card and Ultimate Rewards Membership?

The Ultimate Rewards points that you have already earned will not expire.

You can continue to earn Ultimate Rewards points if you have a Chase Freedom Credit Card, Sapphire Credit Card, or Ink Business Credit Card.

There are no changes to your debit card number or PIN.

You will not need a new Chase debit card.

You can continue to use your debit card to shop online at the Ultimate Rewards Mall for extra values at popular merchants.

After July 19, 2011, your Chase debit card purchases will no longer earn Ultimate Rewards points.

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