Citi ThankYou® Point Sharing App 2,500 Bonus Points Offer Via Facebook

Citi ThankYou® members can get 2,500 bonus points when you connect your ThankYou® account to Facebook with the new Citi ThankYou® Point Sharing App, valid through February 3, 2012, or while supplies last.

Update: This offer has already expired and was only available for a short time.

The new Citi ThankYou® Point Sharing App allows ThankYou® Members to share ThankYou® Points to get rewards with your Facebook friends.

You can pool your points for gifts, charitable donations, or almost anything else you want to redeem.

Plus, you can get 2,500 bonus ThankYou® Points when you connect your ThankYou® account and Facebook account today.

Check out this 2,500 Citi ThankYou® Point Sharing Promotion to connect your Facebook account.

Take advantage of this 2,500 bonus points offer to connect your Citi ThankYou® and Facebook accounts, and you can then share your ThankYou® Points between friends.

Review these Citi ThankYou® Credit Card Bonuses to get a new applicant bonus when you open a Citi ThankYou® card account.

Connect and share your ThankYou® Points, plus get 2,500 for connecting your Facebook account today.


  1. says

    Hello S,

    The 2,500 bonus points offer was being mentioned on the bottom left side of the promo link page at the time of posting, but it looks like that has since been removed within the last hour or so.

    Looks like Dave is correct, the limit has probably already been reached and the promotion is dead.

    Thank you for your comments. Max

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