Citibank Ultimate Money Account $25 Banking Bonus

The Citibank Ultimate Money Account is offering a $25 Banking Bonus when you apply for a new Citibank Ultimate Money savings account by February 29, 2008.

Just apply for the Citibank Ultimate Money Account either online or by phone and use promotional code CYJW to receive a $25 banking bonus.

Check out the Citibank Ultimate Money Account $25 Bonus Link to apply online for this $25 cash bonus.

Here are some more details of the Citibank Ultimate Money Account $25 bonus offer.

The $25 Account opening bonus offer is available only for first-time Citibank deposit account customers, and will be paid only once to any individual.

To qualify for this offer you must apply for and open an Ultimate Money Account and a new regular checking account in the Citibank EZ Checking package and fund the Ultimate Money Account by February 29, 2008.

The $25 will be credited to your regular checking account within 120 days from the end of the statement period in which you met the above requirements.

Take advantage of the Citibank Ultimate Money Account $25 Bonus Offer to get a cash bonus when you open this savings account.

Remember, you can apply for this Citibank cash bonus online or by phone at 1-877-624-9600, and be sure to mention promotional code CYJW.

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Thanks and enjoy maximizing money.

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