Dealinator WordPress Plugin for Frugal Deal Bloggers Released

The Dealinator WordPress plugin for frugal bloggers and deal bloggers has been released.

The Dealinator plugin for WordPress allows you to easily create deal lists for your readers.

It automatically calculates final value prices, publishes a checklist to your blog, and provides customized printable shopping lists.

Check out the Dealinator WordPress Plugin if you are a deal blogger or run a frugal blog and want to set up deal lists on your site in just seconds.

Dealinator WordPress Plugin Details

Check out these exciting features that you’ll get with the new Dealinator plugin:

  • Calculates final value of sale items with coupons
  • Allows admin to create custom coupon policies (i.e., Double or Triple coupon options)
  • Provides shortcode to insert a calculated deal list into a blog post
  • Creates a checklist for readers to select items for a personalized shopping list
  • Prints readers’ shopping list with site logo
  • 90-day free upgrade support*

Additional features are also in the works, including blogger sharing features, multiple coupons support, and more.

The basic Dealinator for WordPress plugin costs $100, but you can get an even better value with the Dealinator for WordPress Full Service Bundle, which is a 20% savings package that includes Dealinator for WordPress, a Custom Theme Package, and a Support Package.

Take advantage of the Dealinator WordPress plugin if you are a deal or coupon blogger and are looking for a convenient way to create deal lists for your readers.

You may also be interested in the Financial Rates Plugin for WordPress for finance bloggers who want to display a current list of banking rates.

Try out the Dealinator plugin for WordPress for free to see how easy it is to create deal lists for your readers.

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