eBay Motors Free Local Classifieds $10 Coupon Bonus to List Your Vehicle

The eBay Motors Local Classifieds service is offering a free $10 eBay coupon when you list your vehicle for free by September 27, 2010.

Just list your car for sale for free to receive this $10 free eBay coupon bonus offer.

Check out this eBay Motors $10 Coupon Promotion to list your car for sale today.

eBay Motors Local Classifieds Promo Details

When you list your first vehicle with eBay Motors Local Classifieds between August 27, 2010, and September 27, 2010, you will receive a $10 eBay Coupon.

The participant must register to receive the Coupon by clicking on the “Earn $10 Coupon” button and signing in to eBay or creating an eBay account if the participant doesn’t already have an eBay account.

The participant must successfully list 1 vehicle in the appropriate category on eBay Motors within 30 days of registering for the Coupon Offer.

You may register for 1 Coupon per household only.

The qualifying listing must be bona fide and proper and the vehicle must be listed in one of the following categories:

1. Cars and Trucks
2. Motorcycles
3. Other Vehicles
4. Powersports
5. Boats

$10 eBay Coupon Details

You will receive the Coupon within 45 days of successfully listing your vehicle.

The Coupon will be tied to the eBay account of the participant and the Coupon cannot be combined across accounts.

To use a Coupon, you must have an eBay account and agree to pay for your purchase with PayPal.

Unused amounts on the Coupon are forfeited when the Coupon expires.

You can use the Coupon only once. For example, if you use the Coupon for a $5 item that is shipped for free, the remaining $5 on your Coupon will be forfeited.

Your Coupon will expire 30 days after it has been granted.

Take advantage of this eBay Motors Local Classifieds free listing $10 coupon bonus offer today.

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Get a free eBay coupon for $10 today when you list your car for sale on eBay.

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