Enabling Multiple Affiliate Advertiser Networks in Google AdSense to Generate Higher Revenue

Google AdSense recently announced that they will soon allow multiple affiliate advertiser networks to compete with AdWords advertisers for your AdSense ad space.

Enabling multiple ad networks in your Google AdSense account will allow you to maximizing your AdSense revenue from your ad units.

You’ll be able to allow multiple ad networks to show in your ad units, and advertisers from external Google-certified networks will be able to compete with AdWords advertisers for your ad space.

Affiliate Networks bring advertisers and publishers together to exchange advertising services, similar to AdSense.

Ads from these affiliate networks will compete with Google ads to show on publisher sites, and the ad generating the highest revenue for publishers will be displayed, which means you’ll earn more money per click.

To ensure the quality of the ads appearing on your sites, Google is certifying all participating advertiser networks for the highest quality.

You’ll also have control over which networks can show ads on your pages, and you can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely.

This means you can continue to show ads from only AdWords advertisers if you prefer.

You’ll also have the ability to opt out of showing ads based on user interests from these ad networks.

These new capabilities will automatically be enabled for your account, and you’ll see a new section in your Ad Review Center within the AdSense Setup tab where you can allow or block specific ad networks.

Google will be gradually adding new ad networks to AdSense accounts over the next few months, so you won’t see any immediate impact on your ads or your earnings, and no new affiliate networks have been added at this time.

To learn more about this new launch and how to manage the ad networks that appear on your pages, visit the AdSense Help Center or Watch the AdSense Multi-Ad Network Video Demo.

Multiple affiliate networks competing for Google AdSense ads may help increase your AdSense revenue in the coming months, so keep an eye on this development.

If you’re not involved in affiliate marketing, you may be interested in learning How to Build an Affiliate Website.

Take advantage of multiple ad networks in Google AdSense to increase your ad unit profits.

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