Fee-Free Gift Cards from American Express

American Express is offering fee-free American Express Gift Cards with no purchase fees and free shipping when you use special promotional codes.

You can only use 1 promotional code at a time when purchasing American Express Gift Cards, so you’ll have to choose between free shipping and no purchase fees.

Since standard shipping via USPS is $5.95 per order and the purchase charge for physical Gift Cards is $3.95 per card, it generally makes more since to go for the free shipping, unless you are ordering multiple cards in smaller denominations instead of just one card for the full amount of your order.

However, if you purchase eGift Cards from American Express that are delivered for free via email, then you can use the promo codes to waive the purchase fees and get absolutely fee-free AMEX eGift Cards.

Another issue with purchasing the physical Gift Cards is that orders of $200 and up can only be shipped via UPS, so then the charge for Express 2nd Day shipping is $8.95 and Express Next Day shipping is $15.95, and there are no codes available to avoid those Express shipping charges.

The physical Gift Cards are available in increments from $25 to $3,000, and the maximum order size is $5,000, when purchasing for personal use.

For businesses, your purchase can total up to $75,000, and for businesses wishing to order over $75,000, you may call 1-800-316-4420 to complete your order.

On the other hand, eGift Cards are only available in increments from $25 to $100, and you can only order 1 card for up to $100 per order, so you’re limited when purchasing them as well.

The purchase charge for eGift Cards is only $2.95 though, and again, when you purchase eGift Cards, you’ll get free shipping, and then you can waive the purchase charge by using the promotional codes provided below.

AMEX Gift Card Free Purchase Charge Promo Codes

To receive Gift Cards from American Express with no purchase charges, simply purchase your gift cards online and enter the promotional code when ordering.

  • SUN – 100% Off Purchase Fees – Expires on September 15, 2014.

The discount applies to the gift card fees only, which are $2.95 for eGift Cards and $3.95 for physical Gift Cards per card, but you will still be responsible for any shipping charges on physical Gift Cards, while the eGift Cards ship via email for free.

AMEX Gift Card Free Shipping Promo Codes

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any free shipping codes available, but you can get free shipping on eGift Cards and use the free purchase promo code listed above to get free AMEX gift cards.

You can also sign up for the free trial of the Premium Shipping Plan to get free next day shipping for 90 days, but you must cancel before the trial ends to avoid any charges.

Purchasing American Express Gift Cards

The discount only applies to online gift card purchases, so you must visit the American Express Gift Cards Ordering Page to order fee-free gift cards from American Express.

You can also view this American Express Gift Card Information Page for all of the details about buying American Express Gift Cards.

Using American Express Gift Cards

Funds do not expire on your Gift Card, and there are no inactivity fees or other post-purchase fees.

You may obtain a free replacement after a Gift Card’s “valid thru” date passes by calling Customer Service at 1-877-297-4438.

American Express Gift Cards are not available for purchase to residents of HI or VT.

The Gift Card is only useable in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and USVI.

It cannot be used at cruise lines, for recurring billing purchases, at casinos, or ATMs.

After activation, the eGift Card can be used for online shopping or phone orders at merchants in the United States that accept the American Express Card, but because there is no physical card associated with an eGift Card, it may not be accepted by merchants for in-store purchases.

Buying American Express Gift Cards is a great way to meet minimum spending thresholds on Credit Card Promotions in order to earn cash rewards bonuses and extra miles or points.

Take advantage of this promotional offer for fee-free Gift Cards from American Express to purchase Gift Cards without paying any fees.


  1. Sun says

    If you are churning gift cards for travel (air or hotel) points, then sign up for the free shipping annual fee and use the code to get fee free purchases. Then go through something like BigCrumbs or TopCashBack to get a rebate on the gift cards. When I ran my online business, I would pre-pay some of my suppliers in advance with these AmEx Gift Cards.

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