Free Movie Tickets from American Express

American Express is currently running a promotional offer for 4 free movie tickets at AMC Theatres, CineMark, and Regal Cinemas, or 4 free museum tickets, when you make qualifying purchases at participating merchants with your American Express card by May 31, 2008.

Just use your American Express card to make qualifying purchases at participating merchants, and you’ll receive 4 free movie tickets or 4 free museum tickets.

Visit for list of participating merchants, movie theaters, and museums in your area as well as more information on this free bonus offer from American Express.

In general, American Express only requires that you send in a certain number of receipts from the participating merchant where you made your purchases, and there is no minimum purchase requirement.

For instance, The Fish House Grill requires that you provide 2 receipts to receive the 4 free bonus tickets, so you can simply split your bill in half when you eat there and pay with the same credit card.

The server may think you’re being a pain, but just tell them it’s for business or tax purposes. They’re not going to say no, and you’ll get your free tickets.

You could also just order 2 small meals to go and pay separately, which would avoid any hassles altogether.

Once you have the appropriate number of receipts needed, which varies by merchant, you simply mail in a redemption form to receive the 4 free tickets. All redemption forms must be postmarked by June 30, 2008.

Participating merchants are listed at, where you can see the amount of receipts required for each merchant on the redemption form, and you can also view a list of participating movie theaters and museums in your area.

Although most offers are available through May 31, 2008, make sure you check the redemption form beforehand, as Del Taco is only running the promotion through May 20, 2008. At the time this article was posted, all other merchants were running the promotion all the way through May 31, 2008.

You can also get redemption forms at participating merchants and restaurants, and since American Express only requires the receipts with no minimum purchase requirement, you could literally just stop in and spend a couple of dollars to receive your bonus tickets.

If you don’t have one already, then consider these American Express Credit Cards, which offer bonus cash deals, free hotel nights, cash rebates on your purchases as well as other credit card discounts and savings.

Take advantage of American Express offer for 4 free movie tickets or museum tickets while it lasts.

Thanks and enjoy maximizing your money.

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