Get Your Business Online with Google Offers Free Business Website for 1 Year

Get Your Business Online with Google is a special promotion that offers anyone a free business website and free hosting for 1 year.

This is an easy way to get a free website for your business for 1 year, especially if you just want to test out your presence online.

You’ll get a free easy-to-build Intuit website, free customized domain name, free web hosting for 1 year, and free online tools and training.

You’ll also receive free email support from Intuit for the first 30 days to help get you started.

Plus, if you already have a domain name, you can link your existing domain to your new Intuit website.

Check out the Get Your Business Online Offer to select your state and get started.

Registration for Free Website

You’ll need to sign in with your Google account to participate in this promotion.

If you have an account with a different Intuit service like TurboTax or QuickBooks, you’ll need to use that same Intuit password when you sign up to create your free website with your Intuit-associated email address.

Alternatively, you can create your website account using a different Google email address than your Intuit account.

Free Website for 1 Year Details

Your new website, hosting, and domain name are all free for an entire year.

However, Intuit requires a credit card to secure these services.

After your first year of free service is complete, you’ll be automatically billed $2 monthly for your domain name and $4.99 monthly for web hosting, which is a total of $6.99 per month.

You can cancel these services at any time by logging in to your website account, navigating to your Account Summary, and then clicking the “cancel this service” link.

Intuit regularly offers a Free Intuit Business Website Trial for 30 days and $7.99 per month thereafter, so this is a better deal than they usually offer.

Take advantage of this Google Get Your Business Online promotion to get a free business website to expand your presence online.

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Sign up to Get Your Business Online with this special offer from Google and Intuit.

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