Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program Bonuses

The Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program offers $25 cash bonuses for referring new businesses to Google Checkout services, plus e-commerce providers can earn up to $3,500 for integrating with the Google Checkout and Order Processing APIs.

If you’re a developer, e-commerce provider, web designer, or any other business that maintains relationships with online merchants, you can earn cash for helping your merchants get up and running with Google Checkout.

Apply to earn bonuses for bringing Google Checkout to your merchants with the Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program.

Merchant Referral Bonuses

Refer new merchants to Google Checkout, and in their first year, you’ll earn 0.5% of all Checkout sales your merchants process and $25 for each merchant you refer who processes at least $500 in sales and 3 transactions with Checkout.

This offer is available for all approved applicants.

Google Checkout Integration Bonus

You can earn $1,000 for integrating with the Checkout API and an additional $2,500 for integrating with the Order Processing APIs.

This offer is available for approved e-commerce providers.

You can also reach new merchants looking to integrate Google Checkout into their websites with placement on the Google Checkout Partner Page.

Google Checkout Referral Program Details

You can start by signing up for a Google Checkout seller account and then completing the form to apply for the Merchant Referral Incentive Program.

Google will contact you soon to confirm your eligibility and enrollment, which they determine based on your business and the merchant relationships you have.

For e-commerce providers, Google will also review the number of merchants your platform supports and the total sales processed through your system.

To be eligible for the e-commerce provider incentives, your business must be at least 6 months old.

Take advantage of this Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program bonus to earn cash referral rewards for referring online merchants to Google Checkout services.

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Refer new businesses to Google Checkout services today.

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