Monetize Your WordPress Blogs with Automated Guest Posts from Web Traffic Control

Web Traffic Control can help you monetize your WordPress blog with automated advertiser guest posts.

Plus, it’s free for the first 1,000 blogs to join Web Traffic Control.

Join Web Traffic Control and your blog will receive relevant guest posts from advertisers on auto-pilot that you can decide to approve or decline.

Web Traffic Control Guest Post Advertising Fees

You’ll earn $15 for each post that you publish for a maximum of up to 50 guest posts or $750 in advertising fees per month.

All payments are made via PayPal, and they payout on the 15th of each month for earnings during the prior month.

Web Traffic Control Guest Posts

Web Traffic Control will provide relevant guest posts that are related to your blog’s subject matter.

The Web Traffic Control moderators review each post for quality, grammar, originality, and family friendliness, so you never have to write anything.

Plus, you get the final say in what is approved for publication on your site.

Guest posts must remain active for 1 year after they are published.

Web Traffic Control Blog Requirements

Web Traffic Control will soon have a $50 entry fee per blog, but it is free to the first 1,000 blogs to join.

You must have a quality WordPress blog on a unique IP to qualify.

You must have a minimum PageRank of 2.

Your blog must have a professional looking design and theme, be of good quality, and contain family friendly content, plus there can be no excessive advertising.

Web Traffic Control Review

Web Traffic Control is a pretty unique concept for advertising guest posts on WordPress blogs.

They can help you monetize your blog with guest posts without having to deal with advertisers directly, which can save you lots of time and frustration.

Instead of having to negotiate with random advertisers only to find out that their guest posts are unpublishable gibberish, you’ll simply review the Web Traffic Control guest posts directly and give final approval if they meet your standards.

However, the $15 advertising fee per guest post is extremely low, especially if you consider that they require a PageRank of 2, which is surely high enough to merit at least $100 per guest post or more.

In addition, the fact that they intend to charge a $50 entry fee per blog to join in the future seems a little steep, especially since they are surely making their revenue by taking a portion of the advertiser fees.

If you have a popular WordPress blog with unique content and dedicated readers, then Web Traffic Control is probably not the best monetizing strategy for you, as it could alienate your readers and the advertising fees are just too low.

On the other hand, if you have a blog that is an informational resource, an impersonal blog, or even an idle or inactive blog, then Web Traffic Control may be able to help you post new articles on a regular basis while creating online revenue.

Please note that does not participate in the Web Traffic Control guest post program (and this is not one of their guest posts).

Check out Web Traffic Control to monetize your WordPress blog with automated guest posts containing relative advertising content.

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Be among the first 1,000 blogs to join Web Traffic Control for free to monetize your WordPress blog with advertiser guest posts.

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