Money Hackers Financial Rates WordPress Plugin for Finance Blogs

The Money Hackers personal finance blog network has created the Financial Rates WordPress Plugin, which is designed to display a chart of up-to-date CD and Savings Account rates on your financial blog.

The Financial Rates Plugin for WordPress blogs offers an automated solution for financial bloggers who want to display current banking rates on your finance blog.

The Money Hackers Financial Rates Plugin displays a well-designed chart of current CD rates and Savings Account rates, which are automatically updated for you on a daily basis by participating members of the Money Hackers team.

The great thing about the Financial Rates Plugin is that it allows you to embed your own affiliate links or referral links, so that you can earn commissions when customers click through links in the chart and open bank accounts.

The Financial Rates Plugin also lets you control which banks appear in your chart, so that you can personalize your financial charts with only the banks you choose.

Check out the Financial Rates Plugin at for more details and to download the Financial Rates Plugin for your WordPress blog.

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Take advantage of the Financial Rates WordPress Plugin today to display an automated chart of current banking rates on your finance blog.


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