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My Coke Rewards is offering 10 Free MCR Points to 10 readers of to help celebrate the launch of Coca-Cola’s My Coke Rewards Million Point Giveaway.

Get 10 Free My Coke Rewards Points

Just be 1 of the first 10 readers to leave a comment below this article letting know us know that you want the 10 My Coke Rewards points and also describing the best prize that you’ve ever earned from My Coke Rewards.

Please make sure to leave your valid email address and full name in the comment fields provided below, as the My Coke Rewards code that is worth 10 points will be sent to that email address.

That’s all that you have to do get 10 My Coke Rewards points for free.

The points may be used to win a wide variety of prizes, including an HD digital video camera, a mountain bike, and many other great items.

This offer is only available through August 28, 2010, at which time, the first 10 submitted comments will be accepted to receive the 10 free MCR points.

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About My Coke Rewards Program

The free My Coke Rewards program offers you points for all of your Coca-Cola brand purchases, and these points can be redeemed for a wide variety of great prizes.

My favorite use of the My Coke Rewards program is to receive free 1-year magazine subscriptions, as you can receive subscriptions to popular magazines for about 150 to 250 points, which isn’t too hard to achieve if you drink Coke and other brands on a regular basis.

Read our My Coke Rewards Program Review for more details about the My Coke Rewards points program.

My Coke Rewards Million Point Giveaway

My Coke Rewards is giving away 1 million points in 60 days.

My Coke Rewards is saying thank you to its 15 million members through the launch of its Million Point Giveaway promotion in August and September.

The Million Point Giveaway will spread that winning feeling to more than 70,000 members with daily instant wins.

One lucky winner also will be awarded a 1,000 points shopping spree each day, and a grand prize winner will be awarded 10,000 points each week.

Anyone who enters a code from a fridge pack of their favorite participating Coca-Cola beverage will have the chance to instantly win.

The promotion runs from August 1st to September 30th.

Join My Coke Rewards if you are not already a member, and leave a comment to receive 10 free MCR points from

Take advantage of the My Coke Rewards program giveaway on to receive 10 free MCR points by simply being 1 of the first 10 readers to leave a comment below this article.


  1. Amanda Goodin says

    I want the 10 My Coke Rewards Points please!! :) I’m working on my points so I can get a prize from the coke rewards site haven’t reached my goal yet so can’t say the best prize but I’m working on the year of pogo! Thank you!!

  2. Jennifer N says

    I’d also like the points please! The best prize I have gotten so far is the blockbuster movie night coupon.

  3. danmen says

    I want the 10 point I LOVE MY COKE REWARDS i won a ps3 move that was the best prize i ever won please give me the 10 point iam trying to win something else what is expensive to buy so please give me the 10 point i realy need it. Thanks have a nice day.

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