Online Convenience A Necessary Part of Managing Household Finances, Cash Crunches

Surveys confirm the obvious: For working Americans, the more they can manage essential functions of their lives online, the more likely they are to choose vendors and providers of services that provide such things online.

It boils down to convenience, as well as to be able to conduct business while at work in a way that consumes little time and involves little notice among co-workers.

A good example is cash advance payday loans.

Now used quite often as a substitute for credit cards, the borrower is by definition employed and therefore busy at his or her job for five to ten hours per day (not including commuting times).

To get such a loan requires a simple, online application that takes only about five minutes to complete.

A few forward thinking lenders additionally provide online chat and email functions connecting borrowers to customer service personnel who can provide answers to their borrowing questions.

Instead of making a phone call that could be overheard by cubicle mates, the borrower simply appears to be working.

Other convenient services that fit the extended work schedules that are typical today include:

  • Travel planning and booking, whether it be for pleasure, work or emergencies.
  • Search for services, including plumbers, auto repair shops, home repair, etc.
  • Search for individuals, which includes checking out potential dates on singles websites or to learn more about someone who you may have met and are considering dating.
  • Search for medical information, as many people with concerns over medical costs are now self-medicating or being very cautious about symptoms before they make a doctor’s office visit.

It’s clearly a time when the savvy consumer and borrower will do their own research first before making any commitment to products or services – or romantic partners.

The information age was supposed to empower us, and it appears to have done just that.

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