RateItAll Write Online Product Reviews for AdSense Revenue

The RateItAll online product review website will pay you to write online reviews of products and services with shared AdSense revenue.

RateItAll.com provides consumer reviews for a huge variety of products and services, so you can share your opinion on just about anything with other online consumers.

It’s free to join RateItAll.com and post product reviews, plus RateItAll will pay you for posting product reviews by providing you with shared Google AdSense revenue.

Once you grant RateItAll access to run ads for your AdSense account, you’ll earn 50% of the Adsense revenue that is produced by ads placed around your RateItAll items, lists, reviews, profile, and pretty much anywhere else you’ve added content to the RateItAll website.

You would have to be pretty active on RateItAll to earn a substantial amount of income from your AdSense ads on RateItAll.com, but it’s free to join and connect an existing or new AdSense account, so it may be worth your time and produce some extra income if you like to review products and share your opinion.

RateItAll is similar to a social network, where consumers can connect and share their opinion about products, services, and companies from international corporations to websites.

You can connect to RateItAll instantly with your FaceBook account, or you can create a new RateItAll account for free in just seconds.

Once you create your RateItAll account, you can Connect with RateItAll Friends and start writing product reviews.

It’s easy to add completely new products for public review as well, and if you create a RateItAll account, please provide your opinion on our MaximizingMoney.com Review on RateItAll.com.

Take advantage of the RateItAll consumer product review network to share your opinion on products and services while receiving 50% of the AdSense revenue that is produced from website traffic around your content.

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Sign up for your free RateItAll account today to start earning AdSense revenue for your paid product reviews.

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