University of Nebraska $50 Bonus Husker Rewards Credit Card

The University of Nebraska Husker Rewards Credit Card is offering a $50 bonus when you make qualifying purchases, valid through March 5, 2010.

Just apply for the University of Nebraska “Husker” Rewards Visa® Card and spend $100 on purchases within the first 60 days to receive a $50 bonus statement credit.

The Nebraska Huskers credit card has no annual fee, so this is a great opportunity for University of Nebraska students, alumni, and supporters to get a free credit card plus a $50 bonus.

Important Note: This $50 bonus offer is not displayed on the credit card application page, however, you will still receive this bonus if you apply for the Husker card by March 5, 2010, and make qualifying purchases.

The Nebraska university credit card also provides a rewards program that offers cash back on purchases, travel rewards, merchandise, and more Husker card rewards options.

You can also select your card image from several different options that represent the University of Nebraska.

Husker Rewards Visa Credit Card Details

Take advantage of this Husker credit card bonus offer to get a $50 credit to your account after you spend $100 within 60 days.

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Sign up for your University of Nebraska Husker Credit Card today to get a $50 cash bonus and represent the Huskers.

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