Will Chase Freedom with Exclusives Be Downgraded in the Near Future?

It’s possible that the Chase Freedom Exclusives program will be downgraded in the near future.

A rumor was mentioned on Dan’s Deals that Chase may be downgrading the Freedom Exclusives program in November of 2012.

Supposedly, existing customers will be grandfathered into the current program benefits, and new customers will be downgraded.

The Chase Freedom Exclusives 10 on 10 Ultimate Rewards Program currently offers Chase Freedom card members who are also checking account customers 10% extra points per $1 spent and 10 bonus points on every purchase.

However, rumor has it that Chase will remove the 10 bonus points per purchase benefit, and that the 10% monthly bonus will instead post on an annual basis in February.

How To Register for Freedom Exclusives

I recently signed up for Freedom Exclusives by emailing customer service via my Chase online account messaging system, and you may want to do the same if you have both a Freedom card and Chase checking account, just in case the rumors turn out to be true.

There is currently an Online Chase Bonus Coupon available if you don’t already have a checking account.

You can also qualify for a new Chase Freedom Card Bonus when you complete qualifying spending on your card.

There’s no telling whether the rumors are true, but you may want to sign up for the Freedom Exclusives program if you qualify just in case.

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