Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program Bonuses

The Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program offers $25 cash bonuses for referring new businesses to Google Checkout services, plus e-commerce providers can earn up to $3,500 for integrating with the Google Checkout and Order Processing APIs.

If you’re a developer, e-commerce provider, web designer, or any other business that maintains relationships with online merchants, then review more details about the Google Checkout Merchant Referral Incentive Program.

TD Ameritrade Account Holder Class Action Settlement Claim Form

If you were a TD Ameritrade client on or before September 14, 2007, or if you provided TD Ameritrade with physical mailing, postal or email addresses during that time, and you have suffered from identity theft, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of the settlement.

Review more details on the TD Ameritrade Class Action Settlement.

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5 Signs of a Professionally Trained Structured Settlement Representative

A reputable structured settlement company is only as strong as the staff it nurtures.

Look for representatives that consistently display professional characteristics, from getting back to potential customers quickly, to answering all inquires in a non-pressured and informative manner.

Review these signs to measure whether or not you are speaking to a Professional Structured Settlement Representative.

10 Ways to Budget and Spend Less Than You Earn

Unless you want to be like the federal government, owing more than the value of most of the world combined, you need to get control over your spending.

Fortunately, you are not the government, so your credit will probably run out well before you hit your first trillion dollar debt, but you can still get in trouble by spending more than you have.

Learn how to get control over your income and spending with this list of 10 Tips to Budget and Spend Less Than You Earn.

Bank of America MyAccess Checking Account Monthly Fees Being Reinstated for Accounts Opened Online

Bank of America recently sent me a letter stating that the monthly maintenance fees for my MyAccess Checking account will be reinstated, even though I opened my account online.

Read more about these updates to the MyAccess Checking Monthly Maintenance Fees if you previously took advantage of the Bank of America promotion that waived the monthly fees for MyAccess Checking accounts opened online.

Twitter Accounts for Financial Blogs and Finance Tweeters

We’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts from financial blogs and finance Tweeters, so that you can keep up with the latest promotional offers, savings tips, and financial news on Twitter.

Check out our list of Financial Blog Twitter Accounts to keep up with the latest money-saving news and financial tips.

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VA Mortgage Benefits and a Healthy Financial Future

Purchasing a home remains one of the greatest investments for the long run – if you are responsible throughout the process of your mortgage application and home purchase. It is always important, but especially with this economy, to save wherever you can. This doesn’t necessarily mean coupon-clipping and discount stores – you can save big even with your mortgage. However, you must be smart about it.

Read the rest of this article on VA Mortgage Benefits.

An Interview with Max Messner – Laos, Past Lives, and Adventures in India

Max Messner of was recently interviewed about his time spent in Laos teaching English overseas and his travels across India.

Check out this interview about my experiences as an ESL Teacher in Laos on Foreigner’s Finances.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Austin Morgan at Foreigner’s Finances for giving me the opportunity to speak about my time overseas.

I’ve been Interviewed about Maximizing Money in the past, which focused more on the aspects of this finance blog, so you may also be interested in that interview as well.

Cruise Discounts and up to $300 in Onboard Credits from Travelocity

Save money on your next cruise with these Travelocity cruise discounts, plus get up to $300 in onboard credits.

Cruise Discount Deals

Summer at Sea Sale! Book a Summer sailing and get up to $250 Onboard Credit! Offer ends 5/27!

Free Stateroom Upgrades from Carnival Cruise Lines! Offer ends 5/27!

Europe Sale: Cruises from $799 + Up to $250 Onboard Credit from Royal Caribbean! Offer ends 5/31!

Bahamas from $204 + up to $300 Onboard Credit from Norwegian Cruise Line! Offer ends 5/31!

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DomainIt Affiliate Program $50 Sign-Up Bonus Offer – No Website Required

The DomainIt affiliate program is offering a $50 sign-up bonus when you join the DomainIt program for free.

It’s easy to join DomainIt in just seconds, as no Social Security Number is required to join, no website is necessary, and approval can be instant to start promoting DomainIt website hosting and Internet services immediately.

Become a hosting reseller, get a $50 signup bonus!

Sign up for your free $50 DomainIt Bonus now to get immediate access to the DomainIt affiliate program.

Read more details on this DomainIt $50 Sign-Up Bonus.

Bicycling Magazine Credit Card $50 New Applicant Bonus Offer

The Bicycling Magazine Rewards Credit Card is currently offering a $50 statement credit bonus when you make $100 in purchases within 60 days of opening your free Bicycling Magazine credit card account, valid through March 5, 2010.

Important Note: This $50 bonus promotion is not shown on the application form, however, you will receive the $50 bonus when you apply through the above link by March 5, 2010, and make qualifying purchases.

Take advantage of this Bicycling Magazine bonus credit card offer for cycling enthusiasts.

University of Nebraska $50 Bonus Husker Rewards Credit Card

The University of Nebraska Husker Credit Card is offering a $50 cash bonus after you make $100 in purchases on your new Husker card within 60 days, valid through March 5, 2010.

Important Note: The $50 bonus offer is not displayed on the application page, but this promotion is valid when you apply by March 5, 2010.

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