American Express PASS Teen Prepaid Card $25 Cash Bonus Offer

You can currently get a $25 cash bonus when you order the new PASS from American Express prepaid card for teens and young adults and complete your first reload by August 15, 2010.

Check out the details of this $25 PASS American Express Bonus Offer to get up to 3 $25 cash bonuses with the PASS prepaid card today.

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Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card Offers

Pentagon Federal Credit Union credit cards offer great rates, low fees, and special promotions to PenFed members and family members of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

If you are not a PenFed member already, it’s easy to join, so that you can take advantage of these Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card Promotions.

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Bank of Albuquerque Visa Credit Card $25 Bonus Offer with No Annual Fee

The Bank of Albuquerque Visa Signature Card is currently offering a free $25 statement credit after your first purchase or use of your new Bank of Albuquerque credit card, valid for customers throughout the U.S. with no annual fee.

This Bank of Albuquerque Credit Card Offer is issued by Elan Financial Services, so you can qualify for this credit card bonus even if you already have credit cards from other major card issuers.

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Chase Commuter Cash up to $50 Bonus with Chase Credit Card or Debit Card

Chase Commuter Cash is currently offering up to $50 in cash bonuses when you use public transportation around the New York City and New Jersey area and pay with your Chase credit card or debit card, valid through May 15, 2010.

Learn more about earning this $50 Chase Commuter Cash Bonus.

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Sears Credit Card $15 Shopping Bonus Discount Offer

You’ll get up to a $15 cash back bonus when you receive instant approval for a Sears credit card and make your first purchase the same day at your local Sears store.

Find out how to get your $15 Sears Credit Card Bonus when you shop at Sears stores today.

Check out these Sears Discount Codes for savings when you shop online at

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FNBO Direct ExtraEarnings Credit Card 2% Cash Rebate for 1 Year

The free FNBO Direct ExtraEarnings Visa Credit Card offers a 2% cash rebate on all of your purchases for 1 year and a 1% rebate thereafter with no annual fee, valid for current FNBO Direct Online Savings Account customers.

Check out this FNBO ExtraEarnings Card Offer if you currently have an Online Savings Account or plan to open an account with FNBO Direct.

You may also be interested in the Chase Freedom Rebate Card to earn a 5% cash rebate in select rotating categories and a 1% cash rebate on all other purchases with no annual fee.

Shopping For Credit Cards And Loans – No Room For Error

When it comes to retail shopping, no-one would disagree that it makes sense to shop around. Other than the potential decline of productivity while wasting hours checking various websites, or sore feet from traipsing around a shopping centre, there are no negative ramifications for wisely trying to save a little money with an informed decision.

But when it comes to comparing credit cards and personal loans, savvy consumers risk harming their credit rating by doing the equivalent browsing.

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Daily Wish from American Express Offers Huge Discounts for AMEX Credit Card Members

Sign up for the free Daily Wish program with your American Express credit card to get incredible promotional discounts on shopping, travel, and entertainment.

Daily Wish offers some of the best credit card shopping discounts that are available, so check out the Daily Wish Program from American Express today.

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Prepaid Cards Referral Bonus

Get a $5 referral bonus for each new Card member you refer who opens a prepaid card account.

Prepaid Cards offer unlimited $5 referral bonuses as well as free options to help build your credit history.