How Credit Scores Impact Credit Card Approvals

Your credit score has a large impact on the types of credit cards you are qualified to receive as well as the rates and features you will be offered with your credit cards. However, it’s difficult to understand how your credit score is calculated or how credit card issuers decide which credit cards you will […]

When Credit Card Line Increases are a Trap

It never fails that just about the time when my 0% APR introductory offer is about to end on my credit card, I get a sudden increase in my credit line, setting me up to make a large purchase just a month or two before my interest rates increase. This is just another example of […]

Credit Card Discounts from American Express

American Express credit cards offer special discounts and promotional savings for brand name stores and popular services. American Express Credit Card Discounts are a great way to save money on your everyday purchases when shopping online or at brand name stores. American Express also offers travel savings, dining discounts, and more opportunities to save money […]

Universal Default Credit Cards

Universal default is the term used to describe policies that allow credit card issuers to increase your interest rates based on changes in your consumer credit reports. Universal default permits a credit card company to increase your APRs solely because you fail to make a payment on a loan with another lender or your credit […]