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Credit Monitoring Services Tips and Information

Credit monitoring services can provide an invaluable tool if you are interested in protecting yourself against identity theft and credit fraud, but it is important to select a credit monitoring service that offers full protection against credit fraud and alerts you to possible instances of identity theft before it’s too late. For a relatively small […]

Equifax Credit Monitoring, Credit Reports, and Credit Score Services

Equifax offers various credit monitoring services including credit report monitoring and credit score monitoring services as well as access to your credit reports and credit scores. Equifax is one of the 3 major credit bureaus that are used by lenders to review your credit history when qualifying you for a loan, so they’re a trusted […]

Blocking Identity Theft for Free in 3 Easy Steps

Blocking your credit files from identity theft is probably one of the most important things you can do to protect your financial future from identity thieves. Protecting your identity can also save you $1,000’s in identity recovery costs and hundreds of hours you will spend trying to clear your name. You can avoid all of […]

LifeLock Credit Protection Services and Identity Theft Prevention Features

LifeLock credit protection services has added additional identity theft prevention features to help protect your personal information from identity thieves and prevent criminals from committing credit fraud in your name. LifeLock identity theft services protect your personal identity from credit thieves and monitor your personal information for identity fraud. Unlike Credit Monitoring Services that alert […]

Get Free Credit Monitoring at Equifax for 3 Months

Identity Guard is currently offering free credit monitoring of your Equifax credit bureau file for 3 months, with no commitments or cancellation requirements. Identity Guard provides various identity theft protection services including credit monitoring and Internet monitoring as well as access to credit reports and credit scores. Plus, you can get 3 months of free […]