Ford Test-Drive $50 Gift Check via EcoBoost Challenge

The Ford Coast-To-Coast EcoBoost Challenge is offering a $50 gift check when you test-drive a Ford vehicle by April 30, 2014, limited to under 1,000 registrants in select ZIP codes only.

Updated 4/17/2014: This Offer has Expired Again, but it has come and gone a couple of times now, and it may come back again, so you might want to check the link before giving up on it (I’ll also update this further if it returns). Gives 500 Free Amazon Coins to Every U.S. Kindle Fire Owner is giving away 500 free Amazon Coins to every U.S. Kindle Fire owner, valid for existing and new Kindle Fire owners through December 31, 2014.

Visit this Amazon 500 Free Coins Promotion for more details.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you can check your Amazon Coins balance by visiting the product detail page for any qualifying Kindle App, like Minecraft – Pocket Edition, while logged in to your account, and you will see your Amazon Coins balance listed in the upper right corner within the checkout box.

Graze Offers Free Boxes of Snacks via Referral Program

Graze friendcode Referral Program

The Graze snack delivery service is offering new members your 1st and 5th Graze boxes for free through the Graze referral program.

Plus, new members can cancel the service online after the first free box is delivered with no commitments or further requirements, so you can basically get 1 box of Graze snacks for free.

Audible Free $5 Coupon Available through August 26, 2013

Audible Free Coupon

Audible is offering a free $5 coupon to the first 100,000 fans to claim the offer, valid through August 26, 2013.

You don’t need to have an Audible membership plan in order to use this coupon, and Audible is an company, so you can use your Amazon log in credentials to access and use your $5 coupon, if you don’t have an Audible account already.

Get this Audible Free $5 Coupon offer today.