Choice Privileges Hotel Rewards Program 500 Bonus Points Referral Program

Choice Privileges hotel rewards program members can earn 500 bonus points for each new member that you refer to join Choice Privileges for free.

Plus, new members will also receive 500 bonus points for signing up through a current member’s referral email.

Review more details on the Choice Privileges Referral Program to receive 500 bonus points for both parties with Choice Privileges referrals.

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Hilton HHonors My Way Registration for Double Dip Earnings Style to Get Points and Miles for Stays

The Hilton HHonors hotel rewards program is offering both points and miles when you register through Hilton My Way for your Double Dip Earnings Style.

Register your Hilton Double Dip Earnings Style to earn both HHonors points and airline rewards miles for stays at Hilton hotels and resorts worldwide.

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Marriott Hotel Referral Program Doubles Rewards Points to 10,000 for New Members

The Marriott Rewards Refer a Friend program has doubled its points earnings to 10,000 for new members and 50,000 for current members.

Participate in the Marriott Rewards Referral Program to earn up to 10,000 bonus points if you are a new Marriott Rewards member and up to 50,000 bonus points per year when you refer new members to the Marriott Rewards program.

Frequent guests of Marriott hotels might also want to consider applying for a Marriott Hotel Rewards Card to get free hotel bonuses and special privileges at Marriott hotels around the world.