Xoom $25 Refer A Friend Bonus for Both Parties for Xoom Money Transfer Service

The Xoom money transfer service now offers a $25 bonus for both parties through the Xoom Refer A Friend program.

Just join via this Xoom $25 Bonus Link to receive a $25 bonus after your first successful transaction of $100 or more (click “Send money to…” and select a country to see the $25 referral bonus displayed on a banner).

Learn more about the Xoom Referral Program to earn $25 gift card bonuses for both parties.

Plastc Card Referral Program $20 Discount and $20 Amazon Gift Cards

The Plastc Card referral program offers new customers a $20 discount when you pre-order Plastc, and current customers will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card for each referral that you provide.

Plastc Card is a secure payment device, which in conjunction with the Plastc Wallet app, can store credit, debit, gift, loyalty, membership, and even key cards on a single device.

Just pre-order via this Plastc Card $20 Discount Referral Link to get $20 off your Plastc pre-order.

Softcard $10 Amazon Gift Card for Tap To Pay 5 Times

Tap to pay 5 times with the Softcard mobile payment app using the same participating credit card to get a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card through December 31, 2014.

Check out this Softcard Tap to Pay Bonus to earn up to $150 in Amazon Gift Cards in total.

More Softcard Promotions

Softcard $10 Referral Bonus – If you don’t have Softcard already, then participate in their referral program to get an extra $10 bonus.

Softcard American Express Serve Promotion – If you have a Serve account and Softcard, then participate in this offer to earn up to a $50 bonus per month.