WePay Free Payment Service $10 Sign-Up Bonus and $20 Referral Program

The WePay free payment service is now offering new customers a $10 sign-up bonus, plus you can earn a $20 cash reward for each person that you refer to WePay.com.

Get a $10 WePay New Account Bonus when you register for WePay.com and collect money for the first time.

Once you become a WePay member, you can start earning $20 WePay Referral Program Bonuses for each new member that you refer to WePay.com.

PayDay One Cash Advance Coupon Code

If you are desperate for cash in a hurry, you can get 10% off your cash advance loan fees and interest charges when you apply for a loan from Payday One.

Apply for up to $1,000 from PayDay One and use promotional code 2009 to save 10% off your total loan fees and interest charges.

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Pertuity Direct Peer Lending Network Offers Low Rates and High Returns

The Pertuity Direct peer lending network offers low interest rates for borrowers with good credit and high returns for lenders with less risks on their investments.

Pertuity Direct accepts borrowers with FICO credit scores of 660 or higher, which allows them to provide lower interest rates for borrowers and less risk for lenders, plus there’s no bidding on loans, so you’ll automatically receive funding when you are approved for your loan.

Pertuity Direct allows lenders to invest in a mutual fund that serves as the overall funding pool for all Pertuity Direct borrowers, which reduces the risk of investing in individual loans and provides lenders with quarterly access to your funds without having to wait for borrowers to pay back their individual loans.

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Lending Club Sign-Up Bonus Offer for Peer Lending Network

The Lending Club peer lending network is currently offering a sign-up bonus when you join Lending Club as a new lender member.

Sign up for the Lending Club Promotional Bonus now to earn a cash bonus when you join Lending Club as a lender.

Once you become a Lending Club member, you can refer new members to earn additional Lending Club bonus cash.

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Lending Club Peer Lending Network Offers Low Interest Rates for Qualified Borrowers

The Lending Club peer-to-peer lending network offers low-interest loans to qualified borrowers starting as low as 7.89%, and lenders have the opportunity to earn high interest rates on their investments.

Join Lending Club for Free to instantly find out if you qualify for a loan, or to lend money at attractive interest rates.

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