Loanio Peer Lending Network $25 Bonus Offer

The Loanio peer lending network offers person-to-person loans that provide an alternative to traditional lending institutions like banks and credit card companies.

You’ll earn a $25 bonus when you join Loanio and get up to $50 in cash bonuses for each new Loanio member you refer.

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Lending Club $150 Bonus for Borrower Loans of $12,000 or More

Lending Club is offering a $150 bonus for borrower loans of $12,000 or more, valid through October 1, 2010.

Sign up for your Lending Club Borrower Account through this promotional link to earn a $150 bonus with your loan.

Check out the details of this Lending Club Loan Bonus Offer to learn how to get a borrower bonus from Lending Club.

You can also get a Lending Club Investor Bonus when you open a new Lending Club investment account.

Peer Lending Networks Offer Last Chance Loans

Apply for loans from peer lending networks to get poor credit loans that are a last chance for many borrowers.

Lenders can loan money via peer-to-peer lending networks to get a higher interest return on their investment than standard deposit accounts can offer.