Dollar Shave Club $5 Referral Credits Program

Dollar Shave Club Blade Options

The Dollar Shave Club is a monthly shaving subscription service for men and women that sends you a free blade handle when you join and new blades on a monthly basis for as low as $3 per month.

Plus, current Dollar Shave Club members can get a $5 bonus credit for every new member that you refer.

Fancy Hands Personal Assistant Service Discount and $15 Referral Credits

Fancy Hands Personal Assistant Service Discount

Fancy Hands offers half off your first month of personal assistant services, plus your first request is free, and you can earn a $15 referral credit for every new customer that you refer.

Fancy Hands is an online personal assistant service based in the USA that can help you complete numerous tasks from scheduling appointments and checking reservations to researching blog posts and proofreading articles, plus your first request is free.

iStockphoto Referral Program Offers Free Photo Credits for Your Website

The iStockphoto referral program allows current customers to earn cash rewards or credits when you refer new customers, plus new customers can earn 10 free iStockphoto credits when you sign up through a current customer’s referral link.

iStockphoto offers millions of royalty-free photos, illustrations, videos, audio tracks, and more for a wide variety of uses including your website or blog.

Check out the iStockphoto Referral Program to get free iStockphoto credits.

10 Referral Programs That Your Friends Will Thank You For Mentioning

If you’re the type of person that likes to tell your friends about new offers and special promotions, then check out this list of referral program bonuses that your friends will thank you for mentioning.

1. Ebates $5 Referral Bonus – The Ebates shopping network offers a $5 sign-up bonus when you join and make a purchase of $25 or more, plus you get $5 for each new member that you refer.

2. Mr. Rebates $5 Referral Bonus – Mr. Rebates is an another shopping network that offers both a $5 sign-up bonus and a $5 referral bonus.

3. Capital One 360 Referral Program – Capital One 360 offers a bonus to both customers when a current member refers a new member to open a savings account.

4. Personal Capital Referral Bonus – Personal Capital is an online money management service that offers both new and current members a $10 bonus via PayPal through their referral program.

5. Discover Card Referral Program – Discover Card members can get a $50 bonus, plus your friends can get $50 when they apply for a new card and meet the qualifications.

6. AMEX Card Referrals – American Express card members can also share referral bonuses with new members.

7. Betterment Referral Program – The Betterment investing service offers current members a $10 bonus and new members a $25 bonus through their referral program.

8. TradeKing Referral Program – TradeKing brokerage accounts offer both customers a $50 bonus through their referral program.

9. DIRECTV Referral Program – DIRECTV customers can earn $100 off your bill for each new customer that you refer, plus your friends get $100 off their bill when they join.

10. DISH Network Referral Program – Current DISH customers can earn $50 per referral, and new customers get a $50 discount for joining as well.

Nanoosa Shopping Rebate Network Offers $1 Referral Bonus to Current Members

The Nanoosa online shopping rebate network is offering a $1 bonus to current members through their referral program.

Check out the Nanoosa Referral Program to earn $1 for each new member that you refer.

Earn More Cash Rebates

Cash Rebate Shopping Networks allow you to earn cash rewards when you shop online from popular stores.

Cash Rebate Credit Cards let you earn cash rewards for all of your spending wherever you use your credit card to make purchases.