Seamless Online Restaurant Ordering Service $7 Discount through Referral Program

Seamless Referral Program

The Seamless Refer A Friend program offers both new and current members a $7 discount off online restaurant orders for delivery or pickup.

Seamless lets you order food online at or using the Seamless smartphone app from more than 12,000 restaurants in over 40 cities for delivery or pickup.

Check out the Seamless Referral Program to get $7 off your online restaurant orders.

dineLA Restaurant Week $5 American Express Card Statement Credit Promotion

Try new restaurants during dineLA Restaurant Week and earn a $5 statement credit per location when you connect your American Express card, valid through July 26, 2013.

Register your AMEX card for this dineLA Restaurant Week $5 American Express Promotion to get a $5 credit per restaurant during dineLA Restaurant Week.

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