American Express Card Sync Offers on TripAdvisor

American Express card members can now sync your card with TripAdvisor for special statement credit bonuses on travel, restaurants, and more.

Updated 7/1/2014: A new TripAdvisor AMEX sync offer is now available for $30 back on $150 in spending on Jetsetter.

You just need to connect your American Express card with your TripAdvisor account to have access to these new sync deals.

Once your American Express Card and TripAdvisor accounts are connected, you will be able to save these offers to your card to take advantage of any available promotions.

How TripAdvisor AMEX Sync Offers Work

These new TripAdvisor sync offers work just like the AMEX Twitter Sync offers and AMEX Facebook Link Like Love offers, except that you have to connect your card with TripAdvisor instead.

Just like the other American Express Sync Portals, you will need to add the individual offers to your card, and then use your card to make the qualifying purchases in order to receive the statement credits.

How To Sync Your AMEX Card with TripAdvisor Offers

1. If you don’t have a TripAdvisor account or you haven’t connected your American Express card with TripAdvisor yet, then visit this AMEX TripAdvisor Link and follow the instructions to connect your card.

2. If you already have a TripAdvisor account and have connected your AMEX card, then just visit and log in to your TripAdvisor account (if you aren’t logged in already) to review the currently available sync offers.

3. You can then click the “Save To Card” button to save any of the available offers to your connected card.

Just remember that you must use the same card that you connected with TripAdvisor to make the qualifying purchases and receive the statement credit bonuses.

Currently Available TripAdvisor Sync Offers

1. American Express Travel – Spend $250, Get $50 Back

Get a 1-time statement credit of $50 when you spend $250+ with your connected card on a single purchase for a pre-paid hotel booking online on by August 31, 2014.

2. Jetsetter – Spend $150, Get $30 Back

Get a 1-time $30 statement credit by using your enrolled card to spend a total of $150 or more at by September 30, 2014.

Sync your AMEX card with TripAdvisor to take advantage of these sync offers today.

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