AMEX Membership Rewards Card 6,000 Bonus Points Per Month through 9/30/2012 Targeted Promotion

The American Express Membership Rewards program is offering targeted card members a special promotion to earn 6,000 bonus points per month through September 30, 2012.

Each month from July 1st through September 30, 2012, after you enroll and your monthly purchases total $250, you can earn an extra 2 points for each subsequent dollar spent on purchases for up to 6,000 extra points per month.

This promotion is only available to card members who are invited to participate and who enroll the American Express card that is specified in the invitation.

To check if you qualify, just visit and enter your online account credentials.

If you received a special invitation by mail like I did, then you can just enter the 14-digit RSVP code from your mailing.

However, it’s worth trying to register if you have any American Express Membership Rewards Cards, as you may have missed the letter from American Express.

Promotional Details

After enrollment, for each calendar month through 9/30/2012, if the total purchases charged to the enrolled card and any other American Express card linked to the same Membership Rewards account as the enrolled card reach $250, you can earn 2 additional points for every subsequent dollar spent on purchases for the remainder of the month.

Only purchases made after the date of enrollment are eligible to be counted toward your $250 threshold.

Total bonus points earned each calendar month are subject to a maximum monthly limit of 6,000 additional points.

Corporate Card purchases are excluded.

This promotion cannot be combined with any other Membership Rewards promotions.

Additional points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account approximately 6 to 10 weeks after charges appear on your billing statement.

Alternative Bank of America Card Targeted Promotion

I also received a letter from Bank of America for a special credit card rebate offer.

Bank of America is offering 5% cash back for up to $25 in bonus rebates (or $500 in spending) on everything that you purchase through September 30, 2012.

However, this is a targeted promotion as well, and these offers can vary between card members.

Check your current BofA card offer through the Bank of America Easy Rewards Program to see which rebate offers you may qualify to earn.

Take advantage of these special targeted credit card offers if you qualify and watch your mail for exclusive promotions of your own.

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