ARC Travel MasterCard Prepaid Credit Card with No Maintenance Fees

The Prepaid ARC Travel MasterCard is designed for credit card applicants with a bad credit history who want a prepaid credit card with no maintenance fees.

The Prepaid ARC Travel MasterCard offers guaranteed approval with no credit checks and no employment requirements, so it’s perfect for customers with a poor credit history or no credit, as anyone can be approved for this prepaid card.

The ARC Prepaid Travel MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted, so it’s perfect for online purchases, car rentals, bill payments, telephone purchases, and other card purchases, plus it offers many travel card benefits and flexible funding options for multiple-card users.

ARC Prepaid Credit Card Fees

The ARC prepaid card offers a simple payment plan with no maintenance fees and no fees for signature-based transactions.

There is a one-time setup fee when you first open your account, which is based on how many cards you order.

1 Card = $14.95
2 Cards = $24.95
Up to 4 Cards = $29.95

Secondary cardholders can be as young as 13 years old, and parents may buy a primary card on behalf of cardholders between 13 and 17 years old, so this is a great option for teaching your children about using credit cards.

Besides the one-time setup fee, there are no activation fees, no card-to-card transfer fees for multiple cardholders, no signature-based transaction fees for both domestic and international purchases, no loading fees for online bank transfers, ACH debits, PayPal deposits, or employer direct deposits, and no standard shipping fees to deliver your cards.

There is a $1 PIN transaction fee, a $2.50 ATM cash withdrawal fee, and other fees for certain transactions, but if you use this prepaid card for standard everyday signature purchases, you will be able to avoid these additional fees and save a lot of money with this prepaid card.

Loading and Transferring ARC Prepaid Card Funds

Unlike standard credit cards that provide you with a revolving line of credit, you must first deposit funds to your ARC prepaid card account in order to make purchases using your deposited funds, much like a debit card or check card works.

You can load your ARC card for free with online banking transfers, ACH debits, PayPal, or direct deposits from your employer, plus you can also fund your prepaid card through MoneyGram, PayXone, Western Union, or bank wire transfers, although network fees may apply for those funding options.

There is a maximum monthly load limit of $9,500, with a daily maximum of $2,500, and the minimum load limit is set at $100.

The primary cardholder also has control over the secondary cardholders’ spending, as the secondary cards do not openly share the primary card’s balance, but instead funds must be transferred over to the secondary cards by the primary cardholder.

This means that the primary cardholders can assign spending budgets, which is a great option for teaching young adults about using credit cards, plus it avoids the different cardholders from unknowingly exceeding the entire ARC account limit, because each cardholder can only spend what is available on their individual card.

ARC Prepaid Card Benefits

The Prepaid ARC Travel MasterCard offers many exciting features and credit card travel benefits to protect customers in emergencies.

ARC prepaid card members have access to lost or damaged luggage insurance, emergency medical assistance, worldwide travel assistance, and emergency legal referral services.

ARC members will be able to access their accounts online, and you can also receive free balance and activity alerts via email and text messaging, so you can monitor your ARC account activity on the go.

The ARC card also features PayPass, which allows you to make quick payments at certain merchants by simply swiping your card in front of a PayPass payment reader. It’s a quick contact-less option for making card payments on the go and is especially convenient at many gas stations.

Prepaid ARC Travel MasterCard Details

Take advantage of the ARC Prepaid MasterCard to get guaranteed approval with absolutely no maintenance fees in additional to many travel benefits, flexible funding options, and account management features.

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