Business Credit Cards with 0% APRs

Business credit cards with 0% APRs on purchases are a great way to finance your business expenses without paying interest charges.

These 0% business credit cards have no annual fees, so they provide absolutely free financing for your business, and all of them offer 0% APRs on purchases for 12 months, so you’ll have an entire year of interest-free purchases.

These small business credit cards are designed for business owners of all sizes, whether you are the sole proprietor or your business is just getting started, and you aren’t required to provide a business tax ID during the application, so anyone can apply.

The following business credit cards also offer various rewards programs, such as cash rebates on all of your purchases, as well as travel services and business card features like expense management tools.

Some of these small business cards provide discounts on business purchases to help you save additional money, and they all offer interest-free purchases to help you finance business expenses.

Business Credit Cards with 0% APRs.

The following business credit cards all offer 0% introductory APRs on purchases for 12 months with no annual fees.

Read our Business Credit Card Directory for more information on how to save money with small business cards.

Take advantage of these 0% APR business credit cards to finance your business for free and earn rewards for your everyday business expenses.

You may also be interested in 0% APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards if you want to consolidate your credit card debt and transfer your balances to a business or consumer credit card with a 0% APR.

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