Capital One Purchase Eraser Retroactively Redeems Rewards Miles for Travel Purchases

The new Capital One Purchase Eraser program allows you to retroactively redeem your credit card rewards miles toward your travel purchases.

Purchase Eraser gives you the ability to erase the cost of previous travel expenses by using your reward miles.

How Purchase Eraser Works

You simply make a travel-related purchase wherever you like with your Capital One Rewards Card.

Then use Purchase Eraser to erase the cost entirely with your miles for a statement credit.

You can access Purchase Eraser online at or on an iOS or Android device.

Purchase Eraser Details

You can use Purchase Eraser toward travel-related purchases such as a flight, cruise, hotel stay, or car rental when you pay with your Capital One Rewards credit card.

You have 90 days to erase the purchase cost with your miles for a statement credit, online or on an iOS or Android device.

The miles balance will update automatically, and the credit will be reflected in your account balance within 5 to 7 business days.

You can give Purchase Eraser a try through your online account or when you download the Capital One mobile banking app at, iTunes, or Google Play.

Purchase Eraser is a great feature if you just want to redeem your rewards miles on the go, without having to preplan all of your travel redemptions.


  1. Elizabeth Shepherd says

    We paid for an upcoming trip by check from our Capitol One bank account. The amount was too large to use the credit card. Is there a way to redeem any miles?

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