Chase Ink 60,000 Bonus Points Offers Still Available Possibly through Monday, June 24, 2013

It looks like the special Chase Ink business card bonuses for 60,000 bonus points are still available and will possibly be so through Monday, June 24, 2013.

Update on June 24, 2013: It looks like these offers have definitely expired at this time and are no longer available.

As long as the Chase application links are still showing 60,000 bonus points or $250 cash back within their promotional language, then it’s safe to say that these offers are still available.

Even through these offers were originally set to expire on June 22, 2013, if the application pages are still up and running, then the offers are probably still available and would be honored by Chase Bank.

It’s possible that the bonuses have been extended specifically through the Chase credit card affiliate program.

You can see on the Chase Bank website that they’re still showing the expiration date for these card offers as June 22nd, but the application pages are still showing the increased bonus offers there as well, so they are seemingly still available.

I personally applied for the Ink Plus business credit card on Saturday, June 22nd, within the original deadline, as I couldn’t resist this special offer any longer.

However, my application is currently under review, so I haven’t been approved yet as of this time.

Learn How To Apply for a Business Card if you are interested in getting in on these offers, but you don’t have a small business up and running.

You can review more details on the Chase Ink Business Cards for a comparison between the different Ink small business card offers.

Get this special offer while it’s still available for a limited time.

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