Chase Visa Extras Free Rewards Program for Chase Visa Check Card Members

Chase Visa Extras is a free rewards program for Chase Visa Check Card members to earn gift cards, merchandise, and travel rewards for all of your purchases.

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Chase Visa Debit Card members can enroll for free to start earning points for all of your qualified purchases.

Enrolling Your Chase Check Card in Chase Visa Extras Rewards

It’s absolutely free to enroll your Chase Visa Check Card at

Just visit the Chase Visa Extras Rewards Program to enroll your Chase Visa debit card for free and start earning check card rewards today.

You can also enroll in Chase Visa Extras by telephone at 1-800-799-7623.

Once you enroll your Chase debit card, you will automatically earn points on all of your purchases.

Earning Points with Chase Visa Extras

You’ll earn 1 point per $1 for each qualified purchase made with your eligible Chase check card.

Qualified Chase Visa Check Card purchases include:

1. Purchases you sign for.
2. Internet purchases.
3. Phone and mail order purchases.
4. Small dollar items that do not require a signature or PIN
5. Bill payments including online bill payments.
6. Contact-less purchases.

However, purchases authorized with your PIN, ATM transactions, and cash transactions do not earn points, so always use “credit” and not “debit” when checking out to receive rewards points for every purchase.

Chase Business Check Cards will earn 2 points per $1 after you reach $4,000 in qualifying purchases in each 12-month period following your enrollment date.

Chase Home Equity Cards will earn 2 points per $1 in qualifying purchases.

There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn, but unused points will expire 36 months after they are earned.

You can also link together all Chase check cards that share the same checking account to earn points even faster.

Redeeming Chase Visa Extras Rewards

Chase Visa Extras offers hundreds of rewards including gift cards, merchandise, travel rewards, and cash awards.

Redemption rates start as low as 2,000 points, so you can start redeeming your rewards points pretty quickly.

However, the redemption rates for gift cards and other merchandise are not incredible when you consider the actual percentage of the cash rebate you are receiving.

For example, a typical $25 gift card to merchants like Applebee’s, Avis Rent-a-Car, or Gap requires 11,000 points, which is less than 0.25% in actual cash rebates, when you calculate that you earn 1 point per $1.

A typical Cash Rebate Credit Card that offers at least a 1% cash rebate would be a better option overall for earning more cash rewards for your spending.

Despite the poor redemption rates, the Chase Visa Extras program is still free to enroll your debit card, so you might as well take advantage of the rewards points if you are already using your Chase debit card on a regular basis.

You can get a $4 cash bonus each time you earn 2,000 points, or you can save up 40,000 points for a $100 gift certificate to one of your favorite brand-name merchants.

There are tons of other rewards as well including music downloads, pet rewards, tools, electronics, appliances, incredible experiences like a white water rafting trip for 34,500 points, and much more.

Enroll your Chase Visa Check Card in Chase Visa Extras today to start earning rewards points for the purchases you are already making.

If you are not a Chase checking account customer, you can get a Chase Banking Bonus when you open a new Chase Checking account, which will then give you access to a Chase Visa Check Card.

Take advantage of the Chase Visa Extras rewards program to start earning rewards points on all of your Chase Visa debit card purchases.


  1. GUS says

    Chase rewards are not “free”. There is a $25 annual fee to be a member to be “rewarded”.

    Doesn’t that strike you as odd? They charge you $25 annually to be rewarded as a customer.

    A chase bank rep called my elderly mother and talked her into “enrolling”. Stating that with her card usage, she would certainly benefit from the program and surpass the $25 fee in no time.

    Well, its been almost a full calendar year, cost her $25 to enroll in the program and she hasn’t reached the $25 gift card status in her points yet.

    This, to me, is predatory practices being used by her own bank to milk profits from their elderly or unsuspecting customers.

    So, before you go promoting rewards programs, do your research please. Because their indeed is an annual fee and one must calculate to see if the fee is going to be greater than what they will receive. If you just break even, then you just “loaned” Chase Bank $25 for a year, just to get you money back in a rewards program.

  2. says

    Hello GUS,

    The Chase Extras rewards program is an absolutely free rewards program.

    Please see the FAQs below:

    Q: Is there any cost to enroll in Chase Extras?
    A: Chase Extras is a free rewards program. There is no cost to enroll. However redemption of select travel-related items may incur additional costs. See the Chase Extras Catalog for complete details.

    Q: How do I know if my new card is eligible to participate in Chase Extras?
    A: All Chase consumer and business debit cards, excluding the Chase Continental Airlines Debit Card, the United Mileage Plus® Debit Card and the Chase Leisure Rewards® Debit Card are eligible to participate in Chase Extras. (The other cards are not eligible to participate in Chase Extras as they provide their own debit rewards.)

    As you can see, Chase does have additional rewards programs for their debit cards, including the Chase Leisure Rewards Program, which does have an annual fee of $25.

    However, the Chase Extras rewards program, which this article references, is a free rewards program from Chase.

    There is some confusion within the program FAQs that are provided, as they seem to have information for the Chase Leisure Rewards program listed as well, but the Chase Extras program is free.

    It’s an unfortunate incident with your mother, and I agree with your sentiment, but this particular program is available to anyone with a qualified Chase debit card for free, which is why we chose to promote it.

    Hope this helps to clarify the situation, and good luck to you. Max

  3. GUS says


    Thanks for the clarification. I apologize if my comments came out rude. I did think you were writing about the Leisure program. And I didn’t know the Extra program was even available, as Chase Bank did not inform my mother of this.

    I stand by my statement of predatory practices though.
    Be it my mother, or any other customer, to sell them a fee based rewards program when one that is completely free is available and not disclosed, is disingenuous at best, and preying on their elderly client base to churn profits, at worst.

    But I do appreciate you enlightening me on the free program, as her own bank failed to do so.

    Is that serving their customers or preying upon them?

  4. Juanita Sanders says

    I have been signed up with Chase Leisure Rewards Program for about 3 years now. Up until 7/20/09 I did enjoy spending money and receiving rewards.
    On this date, my purse was stolen from my car. My purse contained the 3 Marriott Hotel certificates (valued at $50 ea.) that I was using to pay for the hotel reservations for our 7/23 -7/26 Chicago trip with my 3 grandchildren. They were with me on the day someone broke into my car. When they found out that my coupons were stolen, I saw the disappointment in their little faces. They asked me if they would still get their reward trip. (This vacation was planned as a reward for their academic success in the 2008-2009 school year. One grandson carried a 3.75 gpa. to the end of the year and is now entering high school with high academic honors).
    With such hard economic times, I could not disappoint my three grandchildren. Even though I had to spend an additional $130 to get my window fixed, I still told them we would go to “Magic Waves” in Chicago, knowing it would be a strain on me financially. The sad look in my 3 grandchildren faces let me know that I could not break my promise to them.
    I filed a police report, walked 2 times in the area where my purse was stolen to try and locate it, and even called your 1-800-316-3090 number. But, to no avail.
    Yes, I realize that the $50 Marriott Gift Checks could not be replaced according to your bylaws. But, my hard earned money got us the three certificates. And regardless of the uncaring and unconcerned attitude of the Chase Leisure Rewards personel that I spoke with, we will take our reward vacation in Chicago. I just wish your personel could have seen my grandchildren faces when they found out that Granny’s purse had been stolen and the “Marriott” vacation coupons were in it. Maybe Chase Leisure Rewards would have helped me get those coupons back or offered some solution, instead of saying: “There is nothing we can do, Mame.” They sounded so cold and heartless.
    Nevertheless, I feel you need to revamp your system of issuring your $50 “Marriott Reward Certificates.” It should be some way that only the person who earned your gift certificates or checks are the only ones who can use them.
    I’d like to suggest that Chase Leisure Rewards imprint the receiver’s name on them. That way if they are lost or stolen all is not lost. The “bearer” of the check has to show proof that the certificate or check is his/her hard earned certificate or reward. Then, if the certificate is lost or stolen, the owner can call in and have the gift check voided and re-issured to the rightful person. With such hard economic times, I wish you would consider my suggestion.
    Regretfully submitted by,
    Juanita Sanders

  5. says

    Another reader asked us to share their experiences with the Chase Leisure Rewards program:

    I think I was cheated by the banker.

    I opened chase account last Tuesday and used $125 bonus coupon.

    He gave me leisure rewards debit card with annual fee: $25 and told me I must have this card which goes with the account.

    However, I found that there is another card –chase debit card which charges no annual fee.

    Then why he gave me this leisure reward debit card?

    The coupon said that I can have free debit card.

    I am really angry now. Hope I can change to chase debit card without annual fee.

    In addition, the coupon didn’t say that I need to open saving account, but he didn’t ask me and opened it for me.

    So now I have to worry about the money leaving here or not after I leave U.S.

    I was so unlucky having him open account for me.

    Maybe you need to make notes on the website in case other people are cheated, too


  6. Karen Mola says

    All the rewards offered hear are A-1!!!

    But Chase is the most wicked of all Banks by far!

    I also used the $125 coupon, the fine print said offer not available to existing Chase checking members. So I am eligible becuse I was a Previous Chase Chicking customer and customer service and the Banker told me yes I was eligible.

    But I was never given the bonus, I called Chase Executive office and the lady there told me they would honor it as I am correct existing means curent not past tens as in foremer member etc.

    I waited and waited and head nothing. When I finnaly got to speak to Chase Executive office, the same lady told me no She will not honor it dispite having 2 months earlier saying she would. As Higher ups have told her “EXISTING means PREVIOUS MEMBERS too”.

    What kind of language is that? No way does Existing ever mean that not in English (USA or UK)!

  7. Bill says

    The current $100 dollar offer says that it has to be new money, but when you apply onling it asks you if you would like to use an existing chase account for the inital deposit. Meaning to make you belive exising customers are eligible and they can use exisitng Chase money. It even asks you for you existing Chase Checking r Saving account ino to proces the offer.

    But all this is contradicted by the fine print on the 1rst screen.

    CHASE is trying to TRICK YOU! Into applying and then not giving you the offer by quoting the fine pring they chose not the one that says you qualify.

    They figure you will most likely stick arround once you have deposited money etc!

    THEY TOOK MY BAILOUT MONEY AND will cheat Americans blind.

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