Citgo Plus Gas Rewards Card Offers $50 Cash Bonus Rewards

The Citgo Plus gas rewards card offers a $50 cash bonus when you apply for a Citgo Plus gas card and make qualifying purchases.

Citgo Plus cards work just like credit cards, but they can only be used at Citgo locations for fuel, repairs, supplies, snacks, car washes, and other Citgo gas station purchases.

Sign up for a Citgo Plus gas card with no annual fee, and you could earn up to $50 in cash bonus rewards on your Citgo purchases.

$50 Citgo Plus Cash Bonus Offer

You can earn up to $50 with a 15% cash rebate on all Citgo purchases for the first 90 days of opening your account, and there is no expiration date for this offer.

All cash rebates will be applied to your Citgo Plus card in the form of an account credit for up to $50 in cash bonuses.

Visit the $50 Citgo Plus Offer Page to apply for this gas rewards offer from the Citgo Plus card.

If you buy gas and other supplies at Citgo gas stations on a regular basis, then the Citgo Plus cards are a great opportunity to earn up to $50 in cash bonuses on your gasoline purchases.

Unfortunately, the Citgo Plus card does not provide ongoing rebates after the introductory offers expire.

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Take advantage of the Citgo Plus gas rewards card bonuses to get cash rebates on fuel purchases.

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