Citi ThankYou Rewards Program 10 Days of Deals and 20% Discounted Redemptions

The Citi ThankYou Rewards Program is offering 10 Days of Deals for 20%, 30%, or 40% in savings on point redemptions for select merchandise and gift cards from September 1st to September 12th, plus you can get a 20% discount on select merchandise redemptions for the entire month of September 2014.

You can celebrate 10 years of the ThankYou Rewards program with 20% off select merchandise rewards through September 30th, plus you’ll get access to 10 days of deals for up to 40% in extra savings.

The 10 Days of Deals run on weekdays from September 1st to September 12, 2014, starting at 12 PM ET and ending at 11:59 PM ET.

You can view the 10 Days of Deals in their catalogue, but in my opinion, the best day is probably going to be September 4th, when you can save 20% off points for Kohl’s Gift Cards.

All of the other redemption discounts are for various merchandise, and since they’re generally overpriced to begin with when redeeming your points, you could probably get a better deal on them by simply purchasing them someplace else.

However, there may be something that is worth while for you, so review the catalogue for the full list.

In addition, throughout the month of September, you can save 20% on select merchandise redemptions including outdoor rewards, summer accessories, Best Buy rewards, and back-to-school rewards.

If you have a Citi ThankYou Points Card, then this is a good opportunity to save on points when you redeem them for select rewards.

A special thank you goes out to bigbard27 for posting about this deal on FatWallet, where a nice list of the 10 Days of Deals is provided.

Redeem your ThankYou Rewards program points for discounted merchandise and Kohl’s Gift Cards for a limited time.

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