Daily Wish from American Express Offers Huge Discounts for AMEX Credit Card Members

The Daily Wish program from American Express offer huge discounts and incredible deals on shopping, travel packages, entertainment, and much more for American Express credit card members.

Daily Wish from American Express is free to join for American Express card holders, and you’ll get access to some really amazing promotional discounts.

Here’s How Daily Wish Works

1. You simply sign up for the Daily Wish program with any American Express credit card.

2. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, new offers become available from the Daily Wish program.

3. On the sale day, a countdown begins to let you know exactly when the promotional offer will become available.

4. You must then click on the “I Want It” button on the Daily Wish website in order to be one of the first customers to select the offer of your choice.

5. You then complete your purchase with your American Express credit card.

Daily Wish offers are limited to a certain amount of customers, so you must be one of the first customers to click the “I Want It” button in order to qualify for each offer, and some of these offers can go pretty quickly.

The available discounts and promotions are huge, so they’re well worth the effort for the additional savings.

Recent Daily Wish Promotions Include:

– $200 cash back when you spend $500 or more at Best Buy.
– $100 cash back when you spend $100 or more at Amazon.com.
– $100 cash back when you spend $100 or more at Walmart.
– 1/2 Off the Price of a New 2010 BMW 328i.

There are many other offers available, and new promotional savings are updated on a weekly basis.

Check out the Daily Wish Program to register your American Express credit card for free today to take advantage of these incredible discounts.

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Register for the free Daily Wish program from American Express today to start enjoying these incredible discounts with your American Express card.

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Sign up for the American Express Daily Wish program with your AMEX credit card to get amazing shopping discounts, cheap travel packages, and more promotional deals.


  1. says

    I attempted to obtain a Daily Wish promotional offer today for $200 cash back with a $500 purchase from Best Buy, but I didn’t have any luck.

    I counted down from 10 seconds to when the offer became available, and then clicked on the I Want It button immediately, but all 125 of the available discounts had already been grabbed.

    Wow, these offers go extremely fast, so I guess a lot of American Express customers are taking advantage of these Daily Wish discount offers.

    I’m going to keep trying for something good, so we’ll see if I have any luck.

    If anybody else is having any luck with the Daily Wish deals, we’d love to hear about it.


  2. Smouse says

    I think this is a scam – try hitting the “I Want it” button at 11am for a 12noon sale. I don’t know of anyone who actually won anything on the dailywish site. American express is tarnishing its reputation.

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