Discover Card Members Earn 2% Cash Back on Cable, Satellite, Phone, and Internet through December 31, 2012

Discover credit card members can earn 2% cash back on cable TV, satellite TV and radio, phone, and Internet services through December 31, 2012.

You’ll earn a 2% unlimited CashBack Bonus on cable TV, satellite TV and radio, phone, and Internet service provider bills that are set up for automatic bill payment with your Discover card from the date you sign up through December 31, 2012.

How To Qualify for 2% Cash Back on Utilities

1. Log in to your Discover card account.

2. Select View All Promotions in the CashBack Bonus section.

3. Go to the DOUBLE CashBack Bonus Promotion to register.

Purchases earning the 2% cash rebate bonus will not count toward your total annual purchases to determine your tier level.

TV bills are classified as cable and satellite.

Phone bills are classified as landline local and long-distance services, cell phone services, and voice over IP phone services.

Internet is classified as Internet service providers; Internet marketing and selling services, website and domain hosting, anti-virus and Internet security, Internet search advertising, web design, and online data storage/backup are not included.

If a bill is classified to a category other than those listed above or is not coded as an automatic payment, it may not qualify.

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Register to earn a 2% cash rebate on cable, satellite, phone, and Internet services throughout 2012.

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