Discover Card Members Use Money Messenger PayPal Service to Earn Cashback Bonus Rewards

Discover Card members can use the Money Messenger service that is powered by PayPal to send money to friends and earn Cashback Bonus rewards.

Money Messenger is a free service that lets you send money to anyone using your computer or mobile phone.

Plus, you can earn Cashback Bonus rewards on every transaction when you send money to your friends.

Log in to Discover Money Messenger if you are already a Discover Card member.

Earn Cashback Bonus with Money Messenger

You will earn a Cashback Bonus on every Money Messenger transaction with your Discover Card.

Your Money Messenger transactions are charged to your Discover Card just like a purchase, so you’ll earn the standard Cashback Bonus rate for your card.

The daily limit on Money Messenger transactions may vary between different users, depending on your line of credit and other factors.

How To Send Funds via Money Messenger

All you need is the recipient’s email or mobile number in order to send them funds.

The amount you send is charged to your Discover Card account just like a purchase.

PayPal sends a message to your recipient, and your recipient signs into their PayPal account to receive the money.

You do not need a PayPal account to send money, but your recipient will need a PayPal account to accept the money.

However, the person receiving the money doesn’t need to be a Discover Card member.

Use Money Messenger with No Fees

There are no fees to send money using Money Messenger.

The amount that you send will be charged to your Discover card account like a purchase, so there are no card fees associated with your transactions (except potential interest charges).

If you are sending money to friends or family, there are no fees charged to them to accept the money.

Who Can Use Money Messenger

You must be a Discover Card member with an eligible account and be registered for the Account Center on to use this service.

Business, Corporate, and Titanium cards are currently not eligible to use Money Messenger.

Use Money Messenger to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards if you are a Discover Card member.

Take advantage of the Money Messenger service from Discover to earn Cashback Bonus rewards for personal payments to friends.

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