Discover Extras Program Offers Special Discounts on Card Purchases

Discover Extras is a new program being tested for select Discover credit card members that offers bonus statement credits when you make purchases at participating merchants.

The Discover Extras program is currently in beta testing mode, so it is only available to select Discover card members.

You can attempt to log in to using your Discover card log-in credentials to see if these offers are being shown within your Discover card online account.

If you don’t see Discover Extras in your account, you can attempt to contact Discover customer service to see if they will add this program to your Discover card account, as some people have reported success in doing so.

Discover Extras is similar to the American Express Sync Promotions in that they provide you with statement credits for making qualifying purchases at select merchants.

For example, if you spend $100 at a participating merchant with your qualified Discover card, you would receive a $25 statement credit.

It is free to participate in the Discover Extras program, if you have been selected.

You just need to log in to your Discover account to see your Extras offers.

These offers may vary between different users, and they are updated on a regular basis.

The statement credits from Discover Extras are in addition to any Cashback Bonus rebates that you may earn.

This is just another reason to apply for a Discover Credit Card if you don’t already have one, as hopefully, the Discover Extras program will be expanded to all Discover card members in the near future.

Participate in Discover Extras to earn special bonus credits for qualifying purchases at participating merchants.

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