5% Cashback Bonus Offers 2012 4th Quarter Registration Open Now

Card members can get a 5% Cashback Bonus in a variety of purchase categories that rotate on a quarterly basis.

If you already have a card, simply sign up for your Discover Cash Bonus Rebates to get cash rebates on select purchases during the qualifying time periods.

You’ll receive a 5% cash rebate in select categories when you use your credit card to pay for your purchases.

As long as you register each quarter, you can simply use your card to make qualifying purchases, and you’ll get a 5% Cashback Bonus in the select categories throughout the bonus time period.

Take advantage of this credit card cash bonus offer to get a 5% Cashback Bonus on select purchases made with your Card.

You may also be interested in these Discover Card Promotional Offers as well for special deals on your new Discover card.

Register your credit card today to earn a 5% cash rebate on select purchases that change.

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