HESS Gas Station Credit Card with Gas Rebates

The HESS gas station credit card with gas rebates helps you save money on gasoline purchases at HESS, HESS EXPRESS, and WILCO HESS gas stations.

The HESS gas rewards credit card has no annual fee.

You’ll receive a 10% rebate on gas, food, and merchandise purchases made at HESS locations during the first 60 days of your card membership for up to $400 in eligible purchases.

You’ll earn a 3% rebate at HESS gas stations after the first 60 days on up to $400 of eligible Hess purchases each billing cycle.

Plus, you’ll receive a 1% rebate everywhere else you use the HESS gas rewards card.

Apply for the HESS Gas Rewards Credit Card to save money on gas if you will be able to purchase all of your gas at HESS locations.

However, if you usually purchase gas from the closest gas station, or you won’t always be able to buy gas at HESS locations, then the HESS Rewards Visa Card may not be the best option for you.

Review more Gas Rewards Credit Cards for additional ways to save money on gas purchases, and you’ll also receive cash rebates on all purchases you make using these gas rewards cards.

If you frequently stop at HESS, HESS EXPRESS, or WILCO HESS gas stations, then consider applying for the free HESS gas rewards credit card today.


  1. says

    Hello RayMarot,

    The Hess Visa Credit Card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted, not just at Hess, plus you’ll earn a 1% rebate everywhere you use the card outside of Hess gas stations.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Karin Fleig says

    I have recently tried to fill up my car at a Hess station in Cape Coral (Santa Barbara Blvd / Nicolas Pkwy) and pay with my debit card. The pump did not work. I was repeatedly asked for my ZIP code – and then the card was rejected. The service person came out to the pump – but also he was not able to help me. I tried two times to make the pump work with my debit card, however without success.
    I went across the strett to a 7-11 gas station and my card worked without any delay.
    Two days later I found a deduction of two times 1 $ on my bank account – for the two times I have tried – without success – to use my card at the Hess station.

    I am very frustrated about the fact that I have to pay Hess 2 $ for trying to get gas and pay it with my debit card – and the machine is not working.

    Please let me know what you will do about this. I am a very unsatisfied customer.

    Regards, Karin Fleig
    Cape Coral, Florida 33990

  3. louise says

    I use my hess card for gas and I have not yet had any refund. how do I get it. I would like it automatically taken of my bill Is this possible? thank you

  4. says

    Hello louise,

    Your cash rebates will be automatically credited to your Hess credit card monthly statement.

    The Hess cash rebates can then be used for gas and merchandise purchases at all Hess locations.

    Hope this helps. Max

  5. joan kelly says

    Am looking for a credit card for our firm. Would need five cards under the firm name. How can I get an application for this.

  6. Julie M. Reed says

    I have rewards on my Hess credit card and I keep loosing them because no one will tell me how to get my rewards. I called Hess company and I was told I had to use the cash rewards at a Hess store. I went to the store and they had no clue as to what I was talking about. I looked like a fool. can some one please tell me how to redeem my cash awards for my hess credit card accournt. I have lost alot on this card so far and if I loose any more I am canceling the card. I would appreciate some help here.
    Julie M. Reed

  7. Richard McCormick says

    How do we get our rebate credited to our credit card, or are they only redeemable at a Hess station??????
    If so, how do we go about doing so????

  8. Treeceia Eller says

    Iam looking for the best way to purchase gas and road fuel for 4 private trucks and 5 big dump trucks

  9. James Dickinson says

    Since you sold Hess Retail what happens to my Hess Credit Card? Can I still use it?
    I guess there is no longer any rewards program. What happens to my credit that is less than $ 25.00 ?

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