How I Earned My NFL Extra Points Card Bonus

I was lucky enough to sign up for the NFL Extra Points Card bonus when it was offering $400 cash back a while ago, and I just qualified for my bonus points by spending over $1,000 on replacement windows for my home.

The NFL Extra Points Card Deal at the time I applied was 40,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 within 90 days, and I’ve been looking for a good way to earn my bonus points without making $1,000 in purchases that I wouldn’t normally make.

There are many ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards, and especially with the holidays around the corner, you could easily rack up over a $1,000 on a credit card paying for gifts, travel, or whatever else you need.

However, I try to be somewhat selective on which Cash Rewards Cards I use for certain purchases, plus I may not necessarily plan to use this card for my everyday expenditures in the future, so I just wanted to make a single big purchase to achieve the bonus.

Local contractors and home repair companies don’t always accept credit cards, and they often don’t like to accept them even if they can, because the merchant card fees cut into their profits.

I respect this and usually pay in cash when I work with local services, and sometimes you can even negotiate a better deal if you pay in cash.

However, when I received my estimate, I mentioned an online coupon that my window service was offering to new customers, which was actually expired, but still displaying on their website, so they agreed to let me pay in full with a credit card in place of using the expired discount coupon.

I actually used my Freedom Card to make the initial payment, and then I received my NFL Extra Points credit card just in time to make the final payment after they installed the windows.

The windows look awesome, I qualified for my bonus to save $400 on my window installments (thanks to the NFL card promotion), and now I just need to redeem my 40,000 bonus points once I receive them.

My hope is that the bonus points will post in time for me to redeem them for a statement credit that goes toward the window purchases, but the fine print indicates that they will be issued within 30 days of the purchase, so I don’t know if they will come in time before I have to make a card payment.

Otherwise, I’ll have to use the card to pay some bills or other necessities, so that I can apply a statement credit toward the charges in the future, or consider another redemption option, but I don’t want to dilute my real life savings.

Please feel free to share any ways that you use to qualify for your Credit Card Bonuses or spending rewards.


  1. Leighann says

    So glad you were able to get in on the NFL $400 Bonus Point Deal. I too am very selective with credit card deals but did get this card. Too good to pass up. Anyway, just wanted to let you know my bonus points were applied as soon as the merchant charge posted. n my case about 3 days. Same story with my Mom’s new card and bonus points. :)

  2. says

    Hello Leighann,

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    Yes, I just checked my account, and I also received my bonus points as soon as the transaction posted, so I’m very happy about that.

    I just used the Pay with Points option to apply my 40,000 bonus points as a $400 credit toward my window purchase, and I received the following message indicating that the credit would be applied in 1 business day.

    “Congratulations! You have successfully requested to Pay with Points and receive a statement credit for the transaction listed below. Your credit will be visible as a redemption online within 1 business day.”

    It’s very easy to redeem these points as a statement credit, although I do now have some points remaining from my purchase, which I’ll have to figure out the best way to use in the future.

    My redemption options were only for 40,000 points, 35,000 points, or 30,000 points, so I couldn’t redeem my remaining points toward the purchase.

    Either way, it’s a very simple rewards bonus to achieve, considering you can turn around and redeem your bonus points toward your first qualifying purchase.

    Thanks again, Max

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